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Desserts You Should Feast on to Ease Away Those Pesky Period Mood Swings

Periods can be a real burden and mess up our lives – not to mention those annoying bloating, swollen breasts, PMS, acne flare-ups, low energy and of course, being “hangry” and getting crazy food cravings 25/7! While the most appealing and promising option is diving face-first into a full tub of ice-cream, did you know there’s a laundry list of desserts you could actually feast on based on your mood? (of course, without overdosing on sugar!). 

With so many nerve-racking things going on in our lives, every now and then, we need to break free and just indulge in the simplest of things. Whether you’re feeling blue or just a little blah, certain pastries can actually boost up your dopamine levels (happy hormones), keep bad moods at bay and turn a gloomy day into a much happier one! (Talk about food for thought!)

 Our mood changes like the wind (more like 99 times a day during menstruation) and choosing the right dessert to overcome your emotions should be done seriously – any random one won’t do it! Below is a lip-smacking list of mood-boosting delicacies to try during your rowdy mood swings! Ladies this one’s for you and gentlemen, well, take good note so you can pamper your Missy during her painful and irksome time of the month!

Feeling Blissful? Have a Liberal Bite of Cheesecake-On-A-Stick

If you’re currently in the merriest of moods, that’s so great! It’s time to coddle yourself with a light dessert that looks exactly how you feel – bursting at the seams with joy! Whether it’s a classic cheesecake or one coated with yummy toppings, this flake of happiness is both light and satisfying to your hankering…which makes it perfect for that treat-yourself kind of day.

Grab Some Ice Cream If You’re Feeling Blue!

Don’t worry, it’s okay to be not okay…and it’s going to be okay real soon! Ice cream is the ultimate dessert to the rescue – every single time! (Yes, it’s a classic!). Whether you fancy your ice cream by the pint, stacked on top of a waffle cone, garnished with crunchy bar and chocolate sauce or stuffed with your favourite unhealthy toppings, you’re sure to feel a lot better once you’ve eaten it. With its chilled temperature and smooth, creamy texture, ice cream has calming effect that helps to dry up any tears and can even leave you smiling in no time at all.

If You’re Feeling Excited, It’s Cannoli Time!

YES! Something incredibly incredible happened in your life! Time to celebrate the good things in life with a dessert of luxury! Nothing goes better with a glassful of champagne than an oh-so-delicious and fun Unicorn Cannoli filled with rainbow and vanilla cheesecake. First off, they are abso-flippin-lutely adorable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to cheers with a custard cannoli? They’re also small, therefore mess-free and won’t sit in your stomach for hours weighing you down. They are the ideal little treat to accompany your celebration.

Are You On The Angry Side? Try Some Doughnut

No one can be perfectly calm all the time…We all get angry, even those avid yoga-goers. If you’re boiling with anger and frustration, you should eat something sweet that’s going to balance out all of that emotion, like a delectable doughnut. Whether you opt for the plain glazed, the frosted and filled, or the classic cake doughnut, the ethereal softness of the dough combined with the sweetness of the icing will satiate your sweet tooth and soothe your spleen at the same time.

Stressed out? You Need a Funnel Cake!

It’s time to pull out all the stops and kick it up a notch! When you’re overwhelmed by stress, it’s the time when you not only want dessert but you also absolutely NEED it. A sweet treat’s greatest job is to give you a moment of bliss to savour in a moment of despair. Cut it all out and pop by Baby J’s! Choose from their colourful assortment of made-to-order desserts ranging from Funnel Cake, Oreo Crumbs to Nutella Drizzle (just to name a few). These delights will send all your senses soaring and keep your sweet tooth yearning for more!

Whichever you choose, there are two crucial things you should keep in mind to get the job done right and get that extra touch of emotional relief: 1) the bigger, the better, and 2) the richer, the better.

Regardless of your emotion – whether you are happy, excited, sad, stressed or angry – there’s a dessert out there just for you. After all, dessert is an essential food group for personal mental health! So when it comes to sweetness, don’t ignore and deny your feelings. Embrace them!

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