Backpacking Fun in Flores

Flores is an Indonesian gem located east of Bali and Lombok. Less known to backpackers, the island remains unspoiled. Beautiful nature, breathtaking scenery, and white sand beaches make it a must-see destination for backpackers traveling to Indonesia. On this page, you will find some lovely places to visit in Flores.

1) Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is where your backpacking adventure on Flores begins. It is the most “touristy” place on the island, but you will not encounter double-decker buses full of selfie sticks and giant cameras. In Labuan Bajo, you will encounter beautiful views of the bay with fishing boats coming and going, the best tacos at Bajo Tacos, so many little tour operators, and fish markets where the fish come straight from the water onto your plate. Labuan Bajo is also an excellent base for discovering the area and its various day trips. Snorkeling, diving, island hopping, etc. If you are looking for a friendly hostel, check out Ciao Hostel, where you can sleep half outdoors, wake up to the sound of fishing boats in the bay, and enjoy the most beautiful views of the village.

2) Spider-webbed Rice Paddies in Kankan

This is the first rice field you will encounter in Indonesia – spider web shaped. These rice fields, also called Lingko fields, are traditional to the Manggarai Regency society. The land is divided according to family status and size. The best place to view these true works of art is at Kala Village in Kangkar. Locals will be happy to show you the way.

3) Kelimutu National Park

Attention nature lovers: don’t miss this special national park. All backpackers will be very happy with this special place. Get up early to catch the sunrise from the three crater lakes that make up the national park; two of the three lakes are bright blue and the third lake is dark green. The color of the lakes changes every few years and may vary during your stay. This probably has something to do with the mineral composition of the soil. You will spend the night in a mini-village in Moni. There is not much to experience in Moni, but a delicious cocktail and live reggae music at Mopi’s Place Café Bar Espresso will do the trick.

Three mystical colored lakes of Kelimutu in Flores

4) Islands around Flores

Padar Island, Komodo Island, Taka Makassar, and Manta Point. These are some places you should not miss on your backpacking trip around Flores. These places can be easily visited from Labuan Bajo. You can visit all these places in one day with the tour companies. You’ll have time to sail between the impressive islands by speedboat, make the steep climb to the top of Padar Island, go in search of Komodo dragons with a ranger, have lunch with sand between your toes on a deserted island, and if you’re lucky, a big manta ray may suddenly swim right in front of you while you snorkel.

5) Visit the Traditional Bena Village

Although the village no longer has the traditions you might imagine from its name (FC Barcelona jerseys are in vogue here…) ), a visit to this village in Flores where time seems to have stopped is definitely worth a visit. You will see women weaving beautiful cloth, people playing music all day long, wooden houses with thatched roofs. There are also some villages where you can stay overnight for those who want to experience the traditional culture up close and personal.

Flores | Bena Village | Authentic Indonesia

6) Koka Beach

No backpacking trip to the beautiful island of Flores should be complete without a snow-white beach. You probably won’t see another tourist on Koka beach; for 0.30 euros, you can climb the rickety stairs to the top of the existing rocks and enjoy the beautiful view. You can even have lunch with local fishermen who have just landed fresh tuna. In addition, you can enjoy the serenity, peace, and beautiful blue ocean. It is truly a paradise!

Have you ever been to any of these places? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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