Beginner’s Guide to Inazuma Eleven – Part 2

It is no secret that animes are always riddled with exceptional characters that we can instantly fall in love with. For me personally, I love to imagine how it would be if these anime characters would have been real. For example, would they have wanted to hang out with me?


Well, it’s time to take some deep breaths as I am going to introduce you to the fascinating characters of Inazuma Eleven. And believe, whether it’s their winning personalities or carefree attitudes, you will feel drawn to them.




Endou Mamoru


Can anyone hear me screaming with excitement? I mean, I am going to speak about my favorite anime character, so it’s completely understandable, right?


So, where do I begin?


Born on 22 August, Endou Mamoru is the only son of Atsuko and Hiroshi. It all started when he was putting something back in the storage closet, he came across an old cardboard box that contained a football ball and his missing grandfather’s notebook. While reading the notebook, Endou became fascinated with the world of football and that’s when our little boy decided to play football. And, despite his mother’s displeasure with football, he still continued to play to show her his newly-found passion. Finally, she gave in and honestly, who wouldn’t, Endou was so adorable when he was a kid.


But obviously the cute little boy grew up and entered Raimon Junior High, where he was disappointed to learn that one of the most prestigious schools in Japan didn’t have a football club. But, let me tell you here itself that Endou is a cheerful person that never gives up and when I say never, I really mean it. So, Endou decided to create the club himself. With green-haired girl Kino Aki’s help, Endou cleaned out an old storage room and used it as the new football club meeting place. He then started to recruit the members himself and finally with his determination to play football, he was able to get seven members and of course, he was the captain and goalkeeper of the team.


Unfortunately, despite his efforts, the school tries to disband his club. But, as I told you, Endou has and will never concede defeat, he accepted the challenge of playing against one of the most powerful football teams in the whole nation. But with the help of Gouenji Shuuya, the team was able to rise up and that marked the start of the football of Endou and his companions.


However, similar to all stories, Endou faced more obstacles but there is not one single time that Endou has admitted defeat and instead, every time he fell, he became stronger when he got up.

Remember when he was playing against The Zeus? The clock was ticking down, all the Raimon players had lost all hope and still none of the members of Zeus looked weary or tired at all, it was as if they were invincible. The situation looked completely hopeless, but not for Endou. Each time the opposing team was striking a ball, Endou was stopping it with his body. And, it was his unyielding determination and inexplicable, perhaps even crazy, passion for football that gave a hope to all his fellow companions. The results: suddenly the tables were turned and Raimon won the match, winning the Football Frontier.


During the course of his journey, Endou inspires not only his friends but also his foes. For example, when he was playing against all the football teams from Aliea Gakuen, such as Gemini Storm, Epsilon, The Genesis, Prominence, Chaos and Diamond Dust, his love for football made the opposing teams to question themselves about the reasons why they play football.


Furthermore, when Endou learns about Project Z, where Garshield Bayhan, a very greedy and dangerous man, wanted to use the Football Frontier International to gain more money and power over the world, he was determined to win the competition and protect his sport.


But there’s more. Endou has a tendency to always think of others before himself and because of his positive attitude, he is always able to bring out the best in all the other players, whether they are his best friends like Gouenji and Kidou or his enemies. And it is all because of his happy-go-lucky attitude and his everlasting love for football that he always manages to find a way to bring his teammates to victory.


So, my dear friends, I have a confession: I am so obsessed with Endou that I’ve been seeing him in my dreams and you know what kind of dreams I am talking about. So, if any of you got any idea on how I could get rid of this obsession, kindly share your opinion in the comment section below!



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