Sheridan in Wyoming: 5 Things to See in Half a Day (Part 2)

Sheridan, Wyoming, is located along Interstate 90, just south of the Montana border. By infiltrating the Old West’s history, Sheridan is a place to see what life was like as a cowboy, rancher, or pioneer along migration trails to the west. You’ll discover historical exhibits and sites that illustrate Indian wars’ turmoil on American plains. There are also several places where you can spend time enjoying the great outdoors, including trails for mountain bikers, hikers, and horse riders, as well as some of the best golf courses in the state. Whether you’re just passing by or spending a couple of days, you’ll find a wealth of adventure on Sheridan.


Sheridan Inn Hotel

Historic Hotels in Sheridan, WY | Sheridan Inn

The Sheridan Inn Hotel is just one thing to see in Sheridan, Wyoming, in a half-day stop. The hotel opened its doors in 1892 near the railroad thanks to $ 25,000 funded by the Burlington Missouri Railroad and Sheridan Land. Do you know who was one of the most famous guests? None other than the legend of the West: William F. Buffalo Bill Cody. From 1894 to 1902, not only did Buffalo Bill live in this hotel, but he organized auditions for his famous traveling show, the Wild West Show, directly under the porch of the Sheridan Inn.


Street Art Along Sheridan’s Downtown

Sheridan street art | This, that and the other thing

Sheridan’s Main Street with its Grinnel Plaza has been enriched since the late 1990s with over 100 bronze works of art. Then, strolling through the streets, you will come across the bronze statues of the first pioneers rather than those of Native Americans. Even art galleries and museums have flourished over the years in Sheridan, but since art must be a heritage that all can enjoy, then look around and discover the street art that tells, like an open-air book, the history of this town and the history of the West.


Main Street and Its Western Style

West's Best Main Streets - Sheridan, Wyoming Travel and Tourism

Sheridan’s historic center overlooks almost entirely its Main Street, so just walk around to admire the buildings that have made the history of this small western town. Even the buildings’ architecture recalls the typical western style, which mixed with the classic one and has resulted in a style called “Plains Style.”


The Mint Bar: The Ideal Place to Drink a Beer in Perfect Western Style

Sheridan, Wyoming | The Places I Go

What can be more distinctive in a city in the West than its bar? The Mint saw the light in 1907, and since then, Sheridan’s watchword is “Meet you at the Mint,” see you at the Mint. Not even with Prohibition closed its doors, a “Speakeasy” on the back continued to exist and allowed people to meet at the Mint. Today’s is the result of the renovation of the restaurant in the 1940s.


The WYO Theatre: The Theatre for the People of the West

Sheridan City Council Forgives WYO Theater Debt | Wyoming Public Media

The facade that can be seen today in a somewhat futuristic style results from the renovation in 1941. The year in which the theatre received a new baptism with WYO Theatre’s name, which it still bears today. But the theatre had already existed since 1923 when it was inaugurated under Lotus Theatre’s name. In 1929, the spoken cinema arrived, and so spectators from all over Northern Wyoming invaded Sheridan to witness this revolutionary novelty.

Sheridan’s cowboy vocation then transformed the town into a mecca for dude ranching, and so in 1935, the theatre changed its name to “The Western Theater for Western People,” which more or less sounds like “The theatre of the west for the people of the West.” The WYO theatre walls were full of murals with western scenes, not to mention buffaloes’ trophies. If you have the opportunity, attend a show, as the theatre is now more active than ever. The red brick building next to it is, in fact, Sheridan’s theatre school.


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