Why You Should Take A Bike To Your Vacation


Vacations are an excellent opportunity to get away from everyday constraints. Going to the mountains or the countryside are good alternatives to discovering new landscapes and breathing fresh air. These places are conducive to both sporting and entertaining activities such as trekking and hiking. However, not everyone has the capacity to last long on foot, hence the need to travel by bike.

Hikes for all tastes


Athletes or amateurs, ready to climb or to walk, children more or less tall, and adults more or less young, no matter what your statue is, there are hikes for you! Whatever the resort you choose, you will find marked itineraries of more or less long distances.

This will take you through paths in the middle of the forest, will make you cross typical villages, on the plain or in the mountain pastures, following waterfalls and rivers and sometimes arriving in front of a lake whose existence you would never have suspected… All you have to do is open your eyes and look around to discover the hidden secrets of the fauna and flora, and you may even meet the mountain animals if you are discreet enough and on the lookout: marmots, hinds, ibexes, foxes, hares…

The benefits of cycling

Cycling has always been beneficial, even in urban areas. It allows you to get around more easily and avoid traffic jams. In addition, cycling is more practical since its speed depends on the effort made: you can therefore regulate the speed of your trip, and the time it takes.

Cycling on vacation has a double benefit because, in addition to moving freely and enjoying the scenery, you get the exercise your body needs. Its lightness makes it a good travel companion, as it can go where it is inconceivable to reach by car. In fact, it has been proven that cycling helps prevent cardiovascular disease while providing a sense of freedom.

Choices for everyone

It is true that cycling is an activity that requires an excellent physical condition since it moves by the force of the legs. But today, there are bicycles available that are more or less compatible with those who are not very “athletic”.

The traditional bicycle


Despite the technical advances, the classic models continue to be popular with users. Indeed, traditional bicycles push the user to go beyond his own limits without having to use tricks. This is why it is also called a muscle bike: it is driven by muscle power.

The electric bike

The electric bicycle is a model of a bicycle equipped with electric assistance. That is, it has an electric motor that can propel it, even without having to pedal. Easy to master, it is a delight for those who have difficulty perfecting their sports performance. This type of bike is also perfect for long-distance travel. The motorized assistance can be activated at any time in case of fatigue.

Designs for all surfaces

Cycling can be done anywhere. In fact, bike stores can offer a wide range of models designed to ride on specific terrains.

The VTC or mountain bike is a model that can be used in urban and rural areas. It is comfortable and suitable for all types of surfaces: paved roads, trails, and dirt … It is often referred to as a compromise between the urban bike and the mountain bike because of its robustness and comfort. It is the equipment adapted to make escapades in family or between friends in remote areas.

On the other hand, the mountain bike is intended for more extreme use. Its name of mountain bike is not a coincidence since it is often used to ride on steep and uneven paths. That’s why they are so popular with race fans and extreme sports enthusiasts.

A responsible choice


Even if it seems insignificant, the choice to opt for a bicycle constitutes a helping hand towards nature. Indeed, the bicycle is an ecological means of transportation. Since it is driven by muscle power, it does not require the use of hydrocarbons. Regardless of the type of bicycle used, the choice is beneficial because motorized models are also environmentally friendly, thanks to their electric motor.

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