4 Places in Getaria You Should Visit If You Are a Foodie

In the Basque Country, a place where you can fully breathe the magic and tradition of the Spanish essence, we find the city of Guipúzcua, commonly known as Getaria. And within it, with a charming town that conquers for its coastal landscapes, for its unique history and for its good food.


If you are looking for a destination that combines pleasure, comfort, relaxation and culture, take the opportunity to visit Getaria, an option that will seduce you. The region is known worldwide as the birthplace of two emblematic figures of Spanish culture, the sailor Juan Sebastián Elcano and the fashion designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. However, Getaria has much more. Its landscapes, museums, old town and especially its beaches are always an excellent travel plan. But if you count yourself as a food lover, you will find yourself in the middle of a paradise.

Like any good coastal town, Getaria is a seafood town. But not just any seafood: simply the best. The grilled fish is perhaps the most iconic dish. (As if we were talking about paella or tapas in Madrid). If you visit this fishing village, you can’t help but enjoy this delicious dish. Eating sea bass, turbot, sardines, hake, peas and the most exquisite seafood, directly from the sea to your table, is an experience that every lover of good food should live, at least once. And although the norm throughout the city is to eat exquisitely, there are a few must-see places to make your visit and gastronomic tour of Getaria ideal. And today, we are going to discover 4 of them. Enjoy!


Txoko is one of the most emblematic places in this fishing village. So much so that locals and foreigners alike enjoy their stoves. It is a charming place that combines modernity with the most indigenous tradition. Its large terrace by the sea is a pleasure for the eyes, while its preparations are a delight for the palate. They are specialists in grilled fish, which they accompany with rice or fresh salads. This place, which opened its doors in the 1950s, has been able to incorporate into its menu the right and necessary innovations to seduce the diner, without sacrificing the most indigenous flavors. The standard of the place? The highest quality ingredients are the star of every dish.


Another of the classics with which there is no room for error is Mayflower. The landscape and the view of the sea dominate their spaces, but they gladly give the dishes the spotlight. Fried hake, grilled sea bream, octopus, shrimp and calamari are just some of the options that can be enjoyed at the tables of this steakhouse with a simple and familiar atmosphere. Its green peppers are one of the most requested companions, as well as the variety of salads that go very well with the fresh atmosphere of the place. A place to go with family or friends and where you can eat very well.


For lovers of tradition, the tables of Kaia will always be a place to return. It is one of the most beautiful places if you are doing tourism in Getaria, as it operates in an old Basque house facing the sea, which leads you directly to remember the glories of an ancestral past. Meats are an option in Kaia, but without a doubt, the biggest applause is for its grilled fish and seafood, which can be accompanied by a good wine or typical canes, and enjoyed on the terrace or in the dining room.


If you move to the center of the city, an excellent option for a lunch or dinner that simply does not disappoint is Iribar. A traditional atmosphere with old-fashioned sailor details, serves as a setting to enjoy its exquisite seafood. Favorite dishes on the menu? The delicious baked crab, scallops au gratin, kokotxas in sauce and monkfish, whose combination of textures and flavors will make you want to return and recommend. Anchovy loins and grilled octopus are also popular with the most frequent diners.

Here you are! You now know which part of Getaria you should visit if you are looking for some amazing seafood. Where in the world have you eaten the best seafood so far? Share your experience in the comments below.

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