5 Things to do in Amsterdam

The selection of things to do in Amsterdam in all weather conditions is endless – so whether you’re visiting Amsterdam for a weekend or a fortnight, here’s an essential list of the best Amsterdam attractions and experiences you don’t. you can get lost in this city.

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1. Get on the Bike

In Amsterdam there are more than 800,000 bicycles. More bikes than people! Cycling there is part of everyday life, made even easier thanks to the city’s unbeatable network of bike routes and flat landscapes. Amsterdam frequently appears at the top of the list of most cyclist-friendly cities, and there is no better way to explore the city’s streets, its canals and attractions than by driving on the pedals. Cycling in Amsterdam is safe, fun, and invigorating, so don’t hesitate and join the locals in getting on the bike. Find out more about cycling and renting a bike in Amsterdam.

2.Lose Yourself in the Artsy Jordaan

Often referred to as the loveliest neighborhood in Amsterdam, strolling the Jordaan is like traveling back in time. What was once a working-class area, the Jordaan’s narrow streets and quaint buildings make up one of Amsterdam’s most sought-after neighborhoods, packed with independent art galleries, antique shops, landscaped courtyards, and atmospheric bars and restaurants. Put the map aside and lose yourself in its maze of alleys that stretch east from the Prinsengracht canal, known as the Nine Streets; one of the most rewarding shopping experiences in Amsterdam. Here you will find more than 200 retailers, including an exceptional selection of independent boutiques, vintage stores and specialty shops that sell all kinds of products.

3.Soak Up the Culture at the Museumplein

Home to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s largest art and history museum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum, Museumplein Square is the beating cultural heart of Amsterdam. Following its recent renovation, which has made it an international standard, the leafy 19th-century Oud-Zuid district is a utopia for any art lover, and the open square between the buildings buzzes with activity throughout the day with exhibitions to the open air, markets and a large pond in which to dip your toes on the hottest days. And during the winter months, the square is transformed into a large outdoor ice skating rink.

4.Take a Canal Cruise

Built in the 17th century to keep the waters of the sea at bay, the UNESCO-protected Amsterdam canal belt is the quintessential picturesque postcard of Amsterdam, as well as incredibly beautiful views both day and night. – moment in which the bridges are illuminated with fairy tale lights, and the entire area takes on a magical character. Floating the canals on a guided boat is the best way to delve into the history of the city, and you’ll learn tons of interesting facts along the way. For example: that the houses leaning next to the canals are known as “the dancing houses.” You can choose from a number of different canal cruises, from hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tours to evening candlelight dinner and wine cruises.

5Taste Herring from a Traveling Cart

Raw herring may not sound very appetizing to the uninitiated, but every visitor to Amsterdam should give it a try. You will see the haringhandels (herring carts), serving this Dutch specialty, all over the city. Order a ‘broodje haring’ to have the fish served in a sandwich with onions and pickles. Around May and July is the best time to try raw herring, which is when herring is said to have its sweetest flavor.

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