7 Toughest Mountains to Climb

Mountaineering is part of every acute sport activity. it is about climbing those rugged ridges and there is always danger waiting for you. many people have lost their lives because of this activity. So why do people continue to practice this activity? It’s for the thrill, the excitement and the texture of the danger. Some mountains are easy to climb, others are more difficult. Let’s take a look at the seven most difficult mountains to climb.

1. K2:

K2 is located between Pakistan and China and is called the second highest mountain in the world. It is also called the most difficult mountain to climb. It peaks at 8611m and climbing this height is no easy task. After reaching a certain altitude, people start to feel a lack of oxygen. This mountain has been nicknamed “the wild mountain”. This nickname speaks for itself. Many people have died in their quest to reach its summits. This is often due to its rugged and steep path as well as its cold and extremely unpredictable climate. Climbers tend to die once they are about to descend the mountain rather than after climbing it. Another interesting fact about this mountain is that rumor has it that it is cursed for girls.

2. Nanga Parbat:

Nanga Parbat is another mountain in this list which is at the top of 8000m. It is located in Pakistan and reaches 8125m. It has been affectionately named “man-eater” and “killer mountain”. The explanation for these names is its high mortality rate. it is a mountain made of ice and rock. When it comes to technical difficulties, it is comparable to K2, which is the most difficult mountain to climb.

3. Fitz Roy:

Sometimes when people say “Beauty kills”, you have to believe it. This saying is proven by the Fitz Roy mountain. Your breath will catch once you study it. But behind its striking beauty lies the story of many deaths. It is located in Pantagonia and its height is about a third of the height of Mount Everest. It offers great technical difficulties to mountaineers. Moreover, it is located in a very isolated place and its climate is extremely unstable.

4. Kangchenjunga:

With the development of mountaineering techniques and safety measures, people tend to think that it is easy to climb mountains nowadays. this may be the reality for many mountains outside of Kanchenjunga. no matter how many advanced techniques or safety measures are used, the price of this mountain is increasing instead of decreasing. it peaks at 8586 m and is located between Nepal and India. avalanches and totally unpredictable weather explain why this mountain has claimed many victims.

5. Annapurna:

This mountain is located in Nepal and is 8091 m high. A complete series of peaks is called Annapurna, but when people say that they have to climb Annapurna, then they reach the best peak of this series. This mountain has cost countless lives and is mentioned collectively as one of the damaging mountains. However, with the use of advanced mountaineering techniques and safety measures, the death rate has decreased somewhat.

6. The Matterhorn:

This mountain is perhaps a Swiss icon. It is located between Switzerland and Italy and peaks at 4478 m. In spite of its low height, it was ready to take many victims. This can be explained by unexpected avalanches and rock falls, high technical difficulties and overcrowding on the climbing route. It is hard to believe that overcrowding is one of the causes of the high mortality rate, but it is the reality.

7. Baintha Brakk:

Baintha Brakk is also called “The Ogre”. it is located in Pakistan and peaks at 7285m. it is considered one of the most difficult mountains to climb because of its history and dangerous ascent. although a group of climbers managed to climb it in 1971, no one dared to do so until 2001. the explanation is that the main ascent was so difficult and dangerous that no one had the center to consider climbing it. Its altitude, slope and granite terrain are the explanations for its reign of terror.

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