8 Ways to Keep Romance Alive While Traveling

There’s nothing quite like going on vacation with your lover. There is something utterly sensual about walking barefoot on a sandy beach with the sea breeze blowing through your hair or renting a paddleboat and enjoying quiet sounds and a lush landscape.

However, no matter how romantic or sophisticated your escapade can be, you will need these unique ideas to arouse the romantic thrill in your relationship.

#1. Unplug Yourself 

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You might have picked the sexiest and most romantic destination. Putting all your bread and butter on the line for it. But, is it worth all that expense if you are going to stick your face to your phone or the TV all day long?

If you really wish to take your sweetheart on a memorable trip, forget the TV and do not even touch your phone.

It will be extremely hard, but the only way to make your trip worthwhile, you will need to stay disconnected from social media and the internet.

#2. Get lost on purpose

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Stranded on a desert island or lost at sea, romantic movies provide us with a range of examples of love being discovered while getting lost in an unknown place.

Sticking to the usual planned vacation routine can be boring. So, for once, why don’t you break free of the shackles of visiting places you’ve planned and heard about already and enjoy getting lost in an unknown city.

This might sound a bit reckless but once you and your partner are on board of this great adventure, you will find yourselves enjoying this new experience of visiting random places, meeting new people and coming across unexpected treasures.

#3. Watch Sunsets

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Before the word “cliché” comes to your mind, I would suggest you to take this overused idea and personalize it in your own way. For instance, if you are more for the wild romance, try to watch the sunset while being naked (don’t worry, I’m sure you will find some nice and private spots).

#4. Go to the Spa

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I can already hear the “no way” or “that’s a more girl thing” from all the guys who feel intimidated by the mere thought of it. But, trust me, with a little persistence or manipulation, once you get your lover to try that mud wrap or massage, he will be thanking you later (and if you are lucky, his Johnson might be the one thanking you).

Plus, I suggest purchasing for the special couples’ treatment packages.

#5. Take a Pottery Class

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You might not have watched the 1990’s Ghost movie featuring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze, but you might have heard of the famous pottery scene.

Give pottery a chance and who knows if in the middle of stroking wet clay, a heat of passion is unleashed and you find yourself playing with another “wet” material.

#6. Bathe In Waterfall

Jeju Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

There’s no better amorous escape than bathing in a crystal clear turquoise blue waterfall along with your lover. Surrounded by nature, let that incandescent waterfall bring you and that special someone closer together like never before.

#7. Go For a Midnight Walk

10 Romantic Things for Couples to Do in Sedona | I Love Sedona Vacation  Rentals

We have all held hands and kissed (while some went much farther) in movie theatres where main leads have kissed or confessed their love to each other on-screen. But, how about holding hands and kissing just under the moonlight?

Not every romantic moment has to be in a fancy restaurant or during a bright, sunny day. At midnight, when half of the world is asleep, take your beloved out for a short walk – be it on the beach or just within the hotel surroundings.

Walking hand in hand, extremely close to each other and with the breeze blowing through your hair, there’s nothing more romantic than that midnight walk.

#8. Dance, Dance and Dance

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Dance is not only an exercise that can burn away all that fried chicken and fries in your stomach. If you want to impress your lover with something really extraordinary, take some dancing class together or simply arrange for both of you to sway to the rhythm of music under the stars.

You might be in the City of Romance or tucked away in a small village, as long as you are with your sweetheart, nothing can stop you from keeping the passion alive. Agree with me?






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