Amazing Forests From Around the World

Being a nemophilist, I would always look forward to spending my time in the forest surrounded by the calmness and soothing silence that would send me into a sense of happiness. There are a few earthly experiences that are as soothing as standing in the middle of a beautiful forest and admiring the trees towering around you in every direction. The world is full of amazing forests that are worth visiting and remembering forever. From the North America’s national parks to the island of Madagascar, you will find these commanding, verdant woodlands, which are so otherworldly to believe that they really exist!

So grab onto your horses as we will travel through the amazing forests from different countries!

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto, Japan – The ethereal glow of this place would fill you with many sensations. The endless heights of this bamboo grove on the outskirts of Kyoto. The pleasures of this beautiful forest extend beyond the visual realm and if you close your eyes, then you will experience the true beauty of the forest. Arashiyama is included in one of the country’s top 100 Soundscapes of Japan, as an initiative to combat noise pollution and encourage people to listen more to the sound of the world.
Black Forest, Baden- Württemberg, Germany – A wooded mountain region, the Black Forest is known for its dense 100-mile stretch of pine trees, picturesque villages, natural thermal spas, and the invention of the cuckoo clock. It is said that the Grimm Brothers drew inspiration from this forest for the fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel.
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica – Known for its biodiversity, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is the proof of this amazing beauty. Named after the nearby town of Monteverde. This 26,000 acres forest reserve sits high in Costa Rica’s legendary cloud forests. The reserve consists of reptiles, migratory birds, bats and also include the highest diversity of orchids in the world.
Hallerbos Forest, Halle Belgium – Imagine a fairy tale forest coming to life, well this forest is the perfect replica of those fairy tale forests! It comes to life in the spring specifically from mid-April to the beginning of May. Covering an area of 1,360 acres, this forest is known for its bluebell carpet which covers the forest floor for a few weeks each spring. This attracts many visitors who can reach there either by their own vehicle or through public transportation.
Avenue of the Baobabs – The Avenue of the Baobabs were part of the tropical forest dense with Adansonia grandidieri, a strikingly beautiful tree endemic to Madagascar. Years after deforestation, only around 20 of the species still stand tall along the famous dirt road. The peculiar shape and unique ‘upside-down’ appearance surprises you only by looking at it. These majestic trees are particularly imposing at dawn and dusk.
Crooked Forest, Poland – Just outside Nowe Czarnowo, West Pomerania, this grove of oddly-shaped pine trees are believed to be man-made, but nobody is quite certain of how and why. Some believe that it took special tools and technique to plant them and others speculate that the young saplings were crushed by tanks during the second world war and that’s why they grew like this. Well, whatever the reason, it is one of the most wonderful forest ever.
Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada – One of the most bio-diverse places on the planet. The Great Bear Rainforest is roughly the size of Ireland and home to hundreds of animal species that include rare wolves and whales. The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the largest remaining tracts of unspoiled temperate rainforest left in the world. Adding to the beauty of this forest are the scattering fjords, waterfalls, massive cedar trees, and 4,000 foot tall granite cliffs.

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