Astonishing Fringe-Benefits of Bingeing on Desserts

How many times have the health freaks around you made you feel guilty for indulging in sweets “without any apparent reason”? Endless lectures on how to eat dessert in moderation or not at all seem to resonate in our ears every time we are spotted nibbling on our favourite sweets. Although we don’t really need a reason to eat desserts, many people wonder with amazement why we are so often nice to ourselves for no good reason. Yet, for dessert lovers, it doesn’t matter the occasion or the time of year. Instead, it’s about nourishing the soul with food that makes them feel like they have finally found paradise on earth.

If you are one of those “healthy” people who crave chocolates, smores and strawberry cupcakes but feel guilty just by confessing their cravings, we have good news for you! Eating dessert does not mean that you have little or no self-control. It just means that you have a good idea of what you want (sometimes it’s just a blueberry cheesecake) and that you have what it takes to fulfil those desires. So here are a few more reasons to let logic take over and relish your dessert

Brighten Up Your Day!

I’m sure you’ve turned to a box of chocolates or swallowed an apple pie on a “bad day” just to feel like there’s still hope in the world! That’s what it’s all about. Nothing can give you more pleasure than eating your favourite dessert. And that feeling is vital to your well-being.

In the long run, continually depriving ourselves of these simple pleasures can make us feel like we don’t deserve them and can also cause us to feel resentful as human beings, especially people like me for whom dessert is true love. The idea is to derive pleasure from simple things like eating your favourite sweets.

It Makes the Perfect Morning Delight

Whether you believe it or not, having dessert for breakfast can help you lose weight and can also help non-diabetic obese people lose pounds. So next time your mom talks to you about taking a healthy breakfast, let her have a look at this article!

A Few Bites is All It Takes

You certainly don’t eat all your birthday cake by yourself. You probably eat a slice and pass the rest on to your friends and family. And it makes sense. You don’t have to eat it all to enjoy the taste. More often than not, a few bites are enough to satisfy even the strongest cravings. To make sure you indulge in your cake and stay healthy, make portion control a regular practice and watch your waist circumference while you pamper your palates.

Yes, It Can Even Prevent A Stroke!

This one’s going to be music to the dark chocolate lover’s ears. Consuming a little bit of dark chocolate every day can help reduce the risk of stroke in the long run. As per a 10-year study conducted on 37,000 Swedish men, all aged between 45 to 79 years and without any cardiovascular diseases, it was found that the ones who ate some amount of dark chocolate regularly were 17% less likely to suffer a stroke than those who didn’t.  So now you have a healthy excuse to look for the best-quality dark chocolate and eat it every day without feeling guilty about it. After all, you’ve got to stay fit!

Lowers Blood Pressure

Apart from lowering your chances of getting a stroke, dark chocolate also reduces your blood pressure, although just a little bit. A bar of dark chocolate never seemed more appealing, did it? Fancy a dark chocolate mousse? Of course, bring it on!

Sexy Time, You’ll Be Better in Bed

Love your pumpkin pie? Now you’ll love it even more. Not only does it make for a healthy dessert choice, but its zinc-packed seeds are known to increase testosterone levels, plus its aroma is supposed to have an aphrodisiacal effect on you. Even if you don’t particularly find the pumpkin’s fragrance to be a turn-on, there’s no denying that it has several health benefits. Pumpkin pies are low in calories and come packed with vitamin A, iron, calcium and fibre.

Sharing Is Caring!

So, you’re on a diet but can’t seem to control your craving for a funnel cake? Well, have no fear for you can have your funnel cake and eat it too. Simply share it with your family, partner, friend, or even a colleague. This way, you don’t miss out on dessert, plus you cut the calorie intake by half. Additionally, you earn some brownie points with the person you share your sweet nothings with.

Life Becomes More Enjoyable!

Admit it, eating dessert makes your day better. You start liking people more and feel like everything is going to be alright. Life is too short to miss out on desserts. Enjoy them while you can!

You now have a guilt-free excuse to chow down on that chocolate cake. Not only does eating dessert make you healthy, but it also makes you a happier and a better human being. There is no reason to resist those ice creams, cakes, and doughnuts! Go ahead, live a little and pop by Baby J’s! Choose from their colourful assortment of made-to-order desserts ranging from Oreo Crumbs to Nutella Drizzle (just to name a few). These delights will send all your senses soaring and keep your sweet tooth yearning for more!

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