Beginner’s Guide to Inazuma Eleven – Part 4

Do you know that some anime lovers create shrines for their favorite characters on their birthdays? Yes, anime characters can be that addictive and I don’t really blame these die-hard fans.

So, if you want to understand the reason behind the obsession with anime characters, why don’t you read about the following character of Inazuma Eleven!

Kidou Yuuto


You can’t just wake up one day and decide you are a genius game maker, you impetuous upstart! There’s a lengthy training process that you have to go through and this is exactly what happened with Kidou Yuuto.

In the awkward transition from childhood to adulthood, there are several directions that you could follow. Maybe you will flourish into a successful and mature scholar or you will maintain the innocence of your youth. Or perhaps your destiny lies somewhere in between? As for Kidou Yuuto, he became a talented playmaker with unbeatable skills. How? Together, let’s review his story!

As a child, Yuuto and his little sister Haruna, lost their parents in a plane crash and ended up in an orphanage. The last and only thing that remained and reminded them of their parents was an old football magazine, which encouraged Yuuto to play football. Whenever he used to kick in the ball, he used to feel as if he was playing with his father.

However, the kids were separated as they were both adopted by different families: Haruna to the Otonashi Family and Yuuto to the Kidou family. But upon entering the family, Yuuto made a deal with his adoptive father: if he won the National championships consecutively in the Football Frontier, the Kidou family would accept to take his sister. And hence Yuuto was trained at the Royal Academy by Kageyama Reiji, who recognized his talents for football. And the Royal Academy is the crème de la crème, where youngsters test their mettle to become the next and best generation of most talented football players. This is when a new Yuuto is formed.

Yuuto grew up to become a very logical and reasonable person who is also regarded as a genius game strategist with the most refined skills and techniques. Some call him “the command tower that gives accurate instructions to his team and leads them to victory” while others call him the “Absolute Leader of the Pitch.” He became the best player in Japan, who can quickly get to know all teammates’ strengths and weaknesses in just ten minutes. He is also very obedient to Kageyama and always obeys his orders.

Also, he always wears goggles (that were gifted to him by Kageyama) and a red cape. Just putting it out here.

At first glance, you could conclude that Kidou Yuuto is a selfish, rude and arrogant individual. However, spend some time with him and you will learn that behind that facade, lies a very kind person who cares a lot for his teammates and more importantly, for his sister. He invests most of his time and energy into devising strategies to help bring his team to victory. However, it seems that Yuuto does not have time for petty things like actual relationships with – urgh – real people.

So, guys this is the third and last main character of Inazuma Eleven. But do you still remember the two main characters that were discussed previously in our former articles? If not, here’s a recap:

Endou Mamouru:

Endou Mamoru is the only son of Atsuko and Hiroshi. He is a cheerful person who never gives up. Endou faced more obstacles but there is not one single time that Endou has admitted defeat and instead, every time he fell, he became stronger when he got up. During the course of his journey, Endou does inspire not only his friends but also his foes. He has a tendency to always think of others before himself and because of his positive attitude, he is always able to bring out the best in all the other soccer players, whether they are his best friends like Gouenji and Kidou or his enemies.

Gouenji Shuuya:

Gouenji is a very talented football player who faces many obstacles. He is often cool and calm in most situations and has a deep affection for his younger sister, making it hard not to like him. Even though he is usually the type who does not talk too much, he is considered the trump card of Raimon with his burning passion for football. And when his teammates are not doing their best or something is bothering them, he is always there to remind them that nothing can hold them back from reaching the top.

To be honest, if you’d like to dip your toes in the anime water, then Inazuma Eleven is a great entry point. And if you happen to be a fan of football, it’s even better. Please share your comments in the section below and tell us whether it was your first anime experience.



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