Vacation in Mexico: Tips To Help You Organize Yours!

Mexico is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. You will find the best beach bars where you can completely relax while enjoying a cocktail and some nachos; in between, you can admire ancient Mayan temples and a series of beautiful cenotes that should not be missed! Can you already imagine yourself swimming in the Caribbean Sea, but you are unsure how to plan your vacation in Mexico? Here are some tips to help you!

Yucatan: The Perfect Vacation Destination in Mexico

If you want to go on vacation to Mexico, the choice is easy. The Yucatan Peninsula is the ideal region for it. It is tourist-oriented, safe, has beautiful hotels and a very relaxed atmosphere. Add to this the fact that it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire country.

What Do You Have To Prepare in Advance for Your Vacation in Mexico?

Mexico is a distant vacation destination, and therefore you will have to prepare a little more than when you go on vacation to Europe. It is essential to consider the following things.

Vaccinations for Mexico

For a vacation in Mexico, vaccinations against DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, and polio) and vaccinations against hepatitis A (infectious jaundice) are recommended. If you have been in a country with yellow fever seven days before your arrival, you should also be vaccinated against yellow fever. Yellow fever countries are only in South America and Africa.

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Currency Issues (Pin and Bank Card Worldwide)

In Mexico, you pay with the Mexican peso. You can pay in cash almost everywhere, and in tourist places, there is always an ATM nearby. You can also pay by credit card in many restaurants and hotels. Do not forget to put your bank card on “worldwide use” in your country. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw money in Mexico.

Which Is Better: To Organize Everything Yourself or To Hire a Package Tour?

If you don’t have much travel experience yet, you may be used to always booking your vacation with a package tour. In this case, book your flight and hotel all at once with a travel organization or travel agency. This way you don’t have to arrange anything yourself, and that can be practical. However, in a destination like Mexico, it’s super simple and fun to organize your trip by yourself. The distances between the best places in Yucatan are not far from each other, and it is easy to travel by bus or rental car. Public transportation is very well organized in Mexico, and the good, quiet roads make driving a very nice option.

What About Safety in Mexico?

Mexico has been in the news regularly, primarily due to drug-related crimes. All of these events take place in northern Mexico, especially along the border. Yucatan is in the south of Mexico, and it is much safer. You can drive during the day, in the afternoon or at night.

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How Does Transportation Work in Mexico?

As described above, transportation in Mexico (Yucatan) is well organized. Distances are usually short, and roads are good. You can choose to travel by bus or rent a car. Buses cover almost all routes and are comfortable and luxurious. But, indeed, you will experience more freedom when you rent a car and go out on your own. Fortunately, driving in southern Mexico is very easy and safe. There are direct access roads between towns and cities. The streets are very wide, well-paved and not too noisy.

When Is the Best Time To Travel To Mexico?

The best time to visit southern Mexico is between November and March. You can also travel to Mexico in the other months, but there is simply more chance of a downpour here and there. August and October are hurricane seasons, so you should avoid these months.


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