Bored? More Insanely Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

Bored? More Insanely Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

Who said friends are only for help, love and support?

When you are running out of things to do or locked in your own loneliness, reach out to your only source of fun and partying: friends!

#1. The Alphabet Challenge

The Alphabet Challenge

Today, TikTok is going wild-crazy with this challenge.

However, engaging and fun, this challenge used to be an old road trip game.

So, let’s see the “original” way to play it:

  • Choose whatever topic you want – be it a TV show, movie, book or video game.
  • Then, take turns saying a word that first starts with the alphabet “a’ and then goes down the entire alphabet.

Say my topic is on Hollywood actors. The first player could start with Ashley Tisdale, with the second one going for Brad Pitt, while the third opt for Chris Hemsworth.

#2. Recreate a Famous Movie Scene

Recreate a Famous Movie Scene

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Robin Lachhein and Judith Schneider. A lovely couple from Germany who wanted to do something really huge and unique for one of their vacation trips.

A fantastic idea that they came up with was to recreate iconic movie scenes. Oh and to recreate those scenes right on their respective movie locations. Impressive, right?

So, how about you take the audio from famous movies and then try recreating some iconic scenes with your friends.

Bring your own costumes, establish the setting and get your friends to film the clip.

So, light, camera, action!

#3. Guess the Song

Musicien, Rockstar, Bande, Musique, Pierre

A forever favorite game for many teenagers.

All you got to do is to make your friends listen to the most obscure instrumental part of a song from YouTube – using your favorite songs might be your first instinct, but it might represent a risk of dropping hints to your besties.

If the person has not been able to identify the correct song, the punishment goes in the form of drinking – now, it’s supposed to be alcohol, but if you have an immense affection for your friends, I suggest choosing something really nice like bitter gourd juice.

#4. Boss Bitch Fashion Show

Boss Bitch Fashion Show

I’m the mother of two adorable, if not mischievous, kids and I can tell you that wearing goodies, pretending to walk down the catwalk and swinging butts is something that even kids just love to do.

If showing off good looks is more your style, don’t forget to try this challenge and post the pics to highlight the ritz and glam.

#5. Lemon Challenge

Lemon Challenge

What say about eating a whole sour lemon all by yourself?

But, I bet you’d want to watch this challenge and the hilarious facial expressions of your friends over and over again. So, recording it might do you more good than you can ever imagine.

#6. Smoothie Without Straw Challenge

Smoothie Without Straw Challenge

Warning: If you are a person diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, stay away from this one.

What makes this challenge seriously crazy is adding smoothie in a Petri dish (don’t even ask me where the idea of Petri dish comes from) and asking you to wipe down every little drop without using your hands or even a straw.

So, let your tongue do the magic.

#7. Drawing Blindfolded

Drawing Blindfolded

Growing up, I’ve always heard that there is an artist in every child – which I seriously doubt as otherwise, my mom wouldn’t have called my “artistic expression” as some “ugly cacography.”

Anyway, one way to have fun among friends and awaken the Leonardo Da Vinci in you is to draw whatever you want…blindfolded.

#8. Makeup Challenge

Makeup Challenge

You’ve guessed it: the challenge is for once letting your friends play the role of makeup artists.

Honestly, if I were asked to carry out this challenge with my friends, I’d have been happier if you’d stabbed me with a scalpel instead.

But, well, what’s the use of a challenge if there’s no fun and craziness, right?

So, what’s the challenge you want to try out first?

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