Cheap Honeymoon Destinations: Taiwan (Part 6)


Most of us dream of traveling with our spouse for our honeymoon but most of us don’t have sufficient funds to do so because we’ve spent a large portion of our money on the marriage itself, and the honeymoon has to be bootleg because you think you can’t travel. It’s not about the journey but the people you meet along the way or with you during the trip. Taiwan has always been a tourist hotspot and is a beloved spot to travel for many, especially if you love discovering new cultures. It is the perfect honeymoon destination if you are a foodie and love food that different cultures have influenced. For those of you who don’t know, Taiwan is in Asia and is a great place to have your honeymoon and is budget-friendly.

When to visit it and what’s the temperature like?


When you tell acquaintances you will visit Taiwan for your honeymoon, most of them usually confuse it with Thailand because we, Americans, are a bit too self-centered and know little to nothing about the rest of the world. So, come along with us, and let’s learn more about this island nation, where Taiwan is located, and when the best time to visit it is? Like Phuket and Mauritius, Taiwan is also an island and a beloved honeymoon destination. The former is an island which is off the southeastern coast of China, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. The city of Taiwan is Taipei, the epicenter of this island nation, and is home to the future Taipei Sky Tower, which will be the third tallest skyscraper in the world once it is built. Ideally, you recommend visiting Taiwan during the autumn and spring season. This is usually mid-September to mid-November, where the temperature is ideal for people who warm in tropical weather, but it’s also not too warm. The temperature is constant, and the thermometer usually reads around 20°C. If you love hiking and seeing the blossoming of cherry trees, then you ought to visit Taiwan in spring. You should preferably try not to visit Taiwan during the summer season because it is also known as the island’s Typhoon season, and this will most likely mean that you will be stuck in your hotel room instead of visiting the country.

What to do for your honeymoon?



Taiwan is an active center for culture and worship and home to Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist temples. As mentioned earlier, Taiwan has a small number of purely Buddhist temples, but the island has several religions that exist together. Some of the must-visit sites of the island are the temples in Taiwan’s capital are the Guandu and Longshan temples, which have their metro stations. In the heart of Taipei’s ultra-fashionable Ximending district, past a small gate, there lies a small but fascinatingly intriguing Tien-ho temple which is completed with the statue of Matsu. The sea goddess and ancient Chinese generals. It also has a bell tower and a small dragon-shaped pond home to giant carps. If you get to visit this island, you will see that it is such a rich island and the people there are welcoming. For me, this is the perfect spot to celebrate your honeymoon with your loved one and is the perfect space to forget about your home and enjoy the presence of each other.

Hot Springs


Okay, this is one of the most romantic places on the island, if you ask me, and is one of the best places to sit back and relax. Taiwan is said to be located on top in a geologically unstable ring of fire, and one of the significant upsides is that it has a natural creation of hot springs all around the island. Taiwan is home to one of the only accessible seawater hot springs around the globe, and this gem is situated on Green Island. It is off the southeast coast of Taiwan and is commonly referred to as Sunrise Spring. However, if you don’t need to leave the island to soak in a hot spring, you can take a trek on the large peninsula itself to Xin Beitou metro stop. There, you will find many hotels and resorts that offer piped-in sulfur hot springs. If you are in the island’s epicenter, you can also take a bus or train to head to the east coast of the island to Jiaoshi. Joshi draws people from around the country for its hot springs. The Art Spa Hotel in Jiaoshi is home to one of the town’s best public spas, has multiple hot springs, and is home to the only hot-spring waterslide in Taiwan.

Eat good food!


To label Taiwanese cuisine as a copy of Chinese food is an exaggeration, an oversimplification, and excludes Taiwan’s rich history. This dainty tourist destination draws much of its culinary heritage from china but has its own twist. The local night market is the best place to try authentic Taiwanese food, which is a source of much-heated debate. The Keelung Night Market is about an hour from Taipei and is excellent for people who are rolling on a budget, and it offers a wide variety of food. If you love bubble tea, then Taiwan is the place to be and is home to some of the best bubble teas in the world. As someone obsessed with bubble teas, I can tell you that you should visit Taiwan at least once in your life, even if it is only to try their bubble tea. If you like savory food then, you should try soup dumplings, oyster omelet, and beef noodles. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you ought to try shaved ice, mung bean pastry, and pineapple shortcake.

Freedom is the oxygen of my soul, and the only way to replenish it is by traveling because it is a way to fuel my soul. This is why traveling with your partner is a must in our book, especially for your honeymoon. Taiwan is one place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime; if not for its rich culture, then it has to be for its delicious cuisine and cinema. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next!

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