A Family Road Trip, What Better Way To Spend Vacations?


When the vacation season arrives, parents and children wonder what to do during a few weeks of inactivity. Therefore, we suggest you to share great moments by travelling with your family. Going on a family road trip is an excellent decision to make, whether it’s to faraway places or just a few miles away. So, you need to prepare yourself to ensure a warm atmosphere during the trip. This article will guide you through all the things you need to do before departure and during the trip.

Choose your destination first.


Choosing the right destination is the first step in the planning process. Therefore, it is better to prepare yourself to not miss anything.

The duration of your trip should not exceed 4 to 5 days. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the routes that fit your needs.

Plan your projects and activities

There are many activities you can do during your trip. To help you, here are some suggestions:

Site visits: on each new route, feel free to stop and discover attractive places such as historical monuments, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in France, the Taj Mahal in India, the island of O’ahu in Hawaii, the Giraffe Manor Hotel in Kenya, etc.

Visiting places allows you to enrich your general knowledge.

Photoshoots: During a family trip, don’t hesitate to schedule one or more photoshoots to capture your highlights in beautiful places: on the mountains, in the forest, on the beach, in the middle of nature, etc. Don’t forget to bring your camera with spare batteries.

Team games: We recommend playing some very challenging games to keep you going during your trip. Choose distractions that everyone can participate in. Examples include:

  • Puzzle to stimulate the brain
  • The nomadic card game to have a good laugh during the trip
  • Quarto with a folding board to help you think

In addition, children can read or draw.


Camping: This is a very exciting activity. In fact, camping allows you to share happiness with your family. It is usually done in the car (camper) or under a large tent lit by traditional lamps. The most fun is grilling on the wood fire, singing together a song that everyone likes.

Family meal: After the photoshoots and walks, take time to eat and drink to regain energy to continue the great adventures. Before you leave, prepare special travel recipes (fresh and balanced). Here are some ideas:

  • Tomato pie
  • Healthy sandwiches
  • Salty muffins
  • Falafels
  • Dried fruit mix
  • Chips or raw vegetables to eat.

Trailer: After travelling for miles, fatigue sets in. So be prepared to settle down in your vehicle for the night. So, remember to bring blankets and clothes adapted to the region’s climate. Alternatively, you can set up inflatable beds or travel cots to lay down on.

A road trip is the time for your to spend precious time with your family and is also the time to create fun and lasting memories. In order not to spoil your great adventures during your family trip, check your luggage well before you leave. Also, don’t forget your travel journal to record all your emotions. This is why you should avoid your phones as much as possible, and you should spend this time talking with each other. Even for photos, get a camera and develop those photos. It will make the trip more memorable, and you will have real photos to remember this memorable road trip.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you like doing on your road trips.

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