Christmas in Mexico: Customs and Traditions

If you are planning your trip to Mexico for Christmas, you have come to the right place! In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico. In this sense, it is one of the most important holidays for Mexicans, as many customs and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation.

In this way, the Christmas celebrations in Mexico are quite a spectacle that is not only important for the locals, but also makes the tourists feel very much integrated. Want to know everything about Christmas traditions in Mexico? Then don’t stop reading this article. Go ahead and read it!

When is Christmas in Mexico?

In Mexico, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. In this country, this date is known as Christmas Eve. Christmas in Mexico is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, so it’s not surprising that some traditions have their roots in the Catholic religion. But Christmas itself also has a long history in this country. In fact, the origin of Christmas in Mexico dates back to the 16th century.

Some of these traditions date back to the arrival of the Spaniards in Mexico City. For example, they brought stories of Santa Claus and St. Nicholas (which became popular among Europeans). Also, the first Christmas tree was probably made by the Native Americans and brought by the Spanish settlers. Now, when is the Christmas tree installed in Mexico? Usually in the first days of December.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Mexico?

Today, Mexican families decorate their homes with nativity scenes, especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Throughout the month of December, there is no shortage of music and dancing in churches, on street corners and, in general, throughout the city. In some cities, such as Toluca and Morelia, local church bells are rung at midnight to mark the beginning of the festivities.

How is Christmas celebrated in Mexico | Kali Hotels

How is Christmas celebrated in Mexico? The most popular tradition is the exchange of gifts with family and friends. Mexican families give chocolates to their loved ones on this special day, and you can find them in many stores around the city! For those who like to buy gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there are also many stores that open early (or stay open late) to accommodate customers who want to do some last-minute shopping before or after midnight mass.

Typical Christmas Food in Mexico

What do you eat at Christmas in Mexico? For many Mexicans, eating tamales is one of the favorite ways to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas. Tamales are made from dried corn husks, stuffed with meat or chicken cooked in broth and traditionally served with red sauce. In addition, stuffed breast or turkey is usually eaten, whose ingredients are varied, but include ground meat, white wine and various species.

On the other hand, you cannot miss the apple salad; this fruit becomes the great protagonist and is accompanied by sour cream, blueberries, chopped nuts and powdered sugar. As for drinks, at Mexican Christmas, we usually drink pozol, atole and sangria.

Christmas Customs and Traditions in Mexico

The Inns

Nine days before Christmas in Mexico, the traditional posadas begin. This is one of the most important customs in Mexican culture. What does it consist of? A representation of the journey that Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary made to Bethlehem. The posadas are organized in different ways. For example, in some cities, each family organizes its own activity, while in others, a community procession is organized.

During the posadas, candles are lit and Christmas songs are sung. At the end, a meeting is usually held, in which sweet traditions are shared. Children also participate, carrying altars decorated with branches and figures of the Virgin Mary, and it is customary for them to ask for money (aguinaldos).

The Three Wise Men

Another of the Christmas traditions in Mexico is the preparation for the arrival of the Three Wise Men, a celebration that recalls how three kings from the East set out on a journey to meet the Christ Child. They symbolize the first converts to Christianity. Since the early years of the evangelization of the New World, this date has been celebrated on January 6.

Previously, it was a very festive date in Mexico; and for the children, it was exciting because they received gifts. However, over the years, this tradition has been lost. Now, depending on the criteria of each family, they choose to celebrate it or not. What is true is that the figure of the Three Wise Men is still in effect and can be seen in Christmas decorations.


The births are an inevitable part of Christmas in Mexico. In this sense, they are an opportunity to see the technique and creativity of Mexicans. In this country, it is not necessary to be Catholic to do the birth, in fact, people from other religions often join in this activity. The tradition of births is attributed to San Francisco de Asís, however, in Mexico it begins at the time of evangelization.

During all this time, they have evolved, being currently a great example of the creativity of the Mexican people, who use all kinds of materials. In addition, they are made in different sizes, depending on the style of each person.

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