Cities to Visit When Traveling to Australia (Part Two)

Australia is a huge country with millions of interesting things to see: culture, natural parks, modern cities or charming villages. And we would recommend to plan properly before which cities you will be visiting. In the first part of this article, we have given you the most famous and interesting cities to see, namely Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. And in today’s post, we continue our list of must-see cities in the county that is home to Koalas and Kangaroos. Happy reading!

4. Brisbane

The cosmopolitan and modern city of Brisbane was only founded in 1824. Brisbane has a population of about 2.3 million and is the third most populated city in Australia. The city’s landscape, in addition to its skyline, is formed by Mount Cootha. On the slopes of this mountain are some of the city’s most important centers, such as the Planetarium and the Botanical Gardens.

You can also easily climb the hill of the city, and from there you can admire the views. Brisbane is known for its man-made beach in the distinctive Australian neighborhood of South Bank.

Although the daytime views of the city from Mount Cootha are beautiful, the nighttime views from Kangaroo Point are unmissable. And that’s because from here you can see the tall buildings with their lights reflecting on the city’s river.

5. Adelaide

It is the tower of the cities of Australia in the south. It took its name from the queen consort of William IV: Adelaide. With nearly 1,300,000 inhabitants, the city extends over approximately 1,826 kilometers. Adelaide is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, between the Gulf of St. Vincent and the Lofty Ranges. The city is known for its wide range of cultural offerings, including theater, festivals, sports, wine and art.

Adelaide is home to several important government centers for Australia, as well as commercial centers valuable to the country’s economy. All of this commercial area is located along North Terrace Boulevard and King William Street. We also recommend the Adelaide Hills, a natural area rich in autumn colors.

6. The Gold Coast

Gold Coast on Twitter: "You: *sees pic* You: "Hey Alexa, get me to the Gold  Coast now!" 😏✈️🧳 📸 IG/davidbostockphotography" /  Twitter

Seventy kilometers south of Brisbane is the Gold Coast, Australia’s coastline that has evolved from a collection of isolated towns to an urban area. It now has a population of nearly 700,000 and is the seventh largest city in Australia.

This Gold Coast offers an ideal atmosphere for all tastes: entertainment, sports, relaxation, beach, family, etc. From the Gold Coast and its surroundings, we recommend the Surfes Paradise beach or the Burleigh Heads National Park. The latter is very well signposted with a few routes to follow and viewpoints from which you can see whales during the migration season. You should also not miss the Q1, the eighth largest building in the world, located on the Gold Coast.

7. Canberra

You think Sydney is the capital of Australia? Well, no, the capital of the country is Canberra. The city is located 300 kilometers from Sydney and 650 from Melbourne. The construction of the planned part of the city began in 1913. This work was influenced by the “garden city” style, so you can see how there are several areas of vegetation between the cement.

As you can imagine, the capital is home to the Australian Parliament and the Supreme Court of this country, among the seats of their departments. As far as recreational activities are concerned, Lake Griffith is recommended, where you can do rowing, sailing, fishing, swimming and much more.

8. Byron Bay

On the east coast of Australia is Byron Bay, 165 kilometers from Brisbane. The city is known, among other things, for Cape Byron, the easternmost point of Australia. The population reaches almost five thousand inhabitants. As you can imagine, it is a small territory, like a small city. In Byron, therefore, the most recommended thing is to get lost in its streets, to get to know the dynamics of the inhabitants, to taste the food in its restaurants and to enjoy the waves on its quiet beaches.


If you want to learn how to surf without too much supervision, or if you want to do it in privacy, go to Byron Bay. The schools there are also very good. Beginner surfers abound on the main beach. Here you can also kayak and, if you’re lucky, see turtles and even dolphins. If you like street art, Byron Bay is your town in Australia.

There you are! With all those 8 cities, you have all you need to plan your trip to Australia properly and not miss any city that you now know you should visit at least once! What’s your favorite city around the world? Tell us in the comments why.

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