Let’s Visit the Wonderful Village of Besalú (Part One)

Fancy a getaway to a place full of charm? Today, during this pose, we will visit Besalú, a wonderful medieval village located in the interior of Girona, a city in northern Catalonia, Spain. Besalú is a village full of nooks and crannies and beautifully preserved buildings that will transport you to another time. Enjoy its narrow streets, squares and, of course, its great jewel, the Romanesque bridge. As you can see, there is a lot to see in Besalú, Girona.

Walking around Besalú is a pleasure, in every street, in every corner, you can breathe the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. When can you visit this city? At any time of the year! However, on the last weekend of August, the village is decorated to celebrate the medieval fair. Knights, maidens, minstrels and jesters fill the streets and squares of the town, which during these days is the scene of shows, workshops and even tournaments in the purest medieval style. Would you like to join us to discover the places to see in Besalú? Let’s go!

Medieval Bridge of Besalú

One of the first things to see in Besalú is its incredible medieval bridge. There’s no better way to get to Besalú than to cross this magnificent bridge built in the 12th century. It is 145 meters long to save the river Fluviá with seven pointed arches of different heights and two beautiful defensive towers, one raised in the middle of the bridge and the other that gives access to the narrow streets of the village.

In this sense, this Romanesque bridge has been designated by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a property of cultural interest at national level and at regional level as a cultural property of national interest. Over the centuries, this bridge has undergone various transformations, reconstructions and changed its original design. Some historical events have also affected part of its structure, but no damage has been serious. It is a must-see in Besalú!

Besalú Castle

The exact origins of Besalú Castle are somewhat unknown, but some historians agree that the construction dates back to the 10th century. It is also thought to have belonged to the Counts of Cerdanya. This castle is built on top of a hill where the remains of the canonical church of Santa Maria are located. Visits to the interior of this castle are not currently available, but you can take the opportunity to take a look at its surroundings.

The Old Jewish Quarter

The Old Jewish Quarter is a tangle of steep, narrow streets. In this iconic neighborhood, you can find many wonderful details, such as inscriptions with the date and name of the house builder, a typical Hebrew custom.

Without a doubt, this old Jewish neighborhood is a testimony to the 500 years of Jewish presence in this territory. In addition to fully immersing yourself in Jewish culture, take a tour of exceptional sites such as the Astruc House or the Royal Curia and the Jewish Square, where the old synagogue was located. You’ll love it!

Monastery Sant Pere de Besalú

Founded in 977 by the Count of Besalú de Girona Miró Bonfill and located in the historical center of this medieval village, the monastery of Sant Pere is one of the most important religious sites to be seen in Besalú. In the year 1003, Count Bernat Tallaferro made efforts to obtain its consecration. In 1111, the monastery’s patrimony increased considerably, although in 1936 it suffered a fire that resulted in the loss of part of the furniture.

This monastery has a design that can be defined as dark and without great pretensions. Thus, on the outside, it has an apse with a double roof. On the main facade we can see a semi-circular arch portal with a border and two small columns, while the central nave is characterized by a barrel-vaulted roof. Do you like religious tourism? Do not miss the opportunity to visit this monastery!

All those places seem amazing right? That’s because they are and we cannot wait for you to visit them! Do you want to learn more places to see in Besalú? Come back to check out the second part of our article. Until then, what’s the favorite place you’ve ever visited? Let us know in the comments below!

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