Coach Travel: the new trend in tourist transportation


In the past, private cars and cabs were the most popular means of transportation for tourists. They allowed them to enjoy the journey in complete peace. In recent years, most tourists prefer to travel by coach. Why do they do this?

An opportunity to meet new people

The bus is very popular with tourists because it allows them to meet new people. If in a cab or a private car they cannot talk to anyone, the chances of meeting people are high in a coach. They are likely to meet nice people who have the same interests or who will be going to the same place as them. If you’re on a trip right now, don’t hesitate to get on the bus and open up a conversation with other passengers. Your trip will be more enjoyable with one or more people on board. What’s more, it would be a shame to spend hours on a bus without conversation.

A stress-free way to travel

Tourists now prefer to take the bus so that they arrive at their destination perfectly relaxed. They will not be stressed or tired by the trip, because the vehicle is well equipped. In fact, you can find everything you need to enjoy the trip: television, air conditioning, bar, toilet, recliner, etc. And although the bus can make many stops, there is a dedicated lane for them to travel in order to avoid traffic jams. Moreover, the bus drivers are known for their punctuality and their knowledge of the region. So you can be sure that you will arrive at a lecture, museum or cultural outing on time. Onboard, all you have to do is relax, listen to music and enjoy the scenery. You arrive at your destination, stress-free and on time, perfectly fit to devote yourself to your activity of the day.


But the comfort of tourists is not only the concern of coach drivers. In order to ensure the safety of the passengers, they always maintain the cars before any circulation. Coaches accessible to people with reduced mobility are well equipped.

A more economical means of transportation

Nowadays, travelling by car has become a luxury that tourists can no longer afford. Even if the vehicle consumes little fuel, it is necessary to fill it up regularly for all the trips during the stay (visit of the city, shopping, etc.). Moreover, most parking lots in France are not free. Therefore, parking fees must be included in the budget. On the other hand, traveling by bus is very economical. You just have to pay the ticket, and that’s it. You don’t have to pay for gasoline or parking fees. These are paid for by the transport company. Going and returning, the trip will be more profitable.

An ecological way to travel

You should know that the bus is one of the most ecological means of transportation. It leaves less carbon footprint, as it emits only 30g of carbon dioxide. In addition, it requires little gasoline, which significantly reduces annual fuel consumption. Tourists also prefer to travel by coach because it meets European standards (Euro 5 and Euro 6). The coach complies with the regulations on the maximum limits of pollutant emissions from vehicles. These standards also include specific changes to engine parts to help reduce noise pollution. For your information: it has been proven that vehicles driving in the city cause cardiovascular and sleep disorders.

Therefore, travelling by coach is the right solution in terms of tourist transport. It is beneficial from a social, economic and environmental point of view.

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