Deckchair And Sunlounger: What Are The Differences?


Summer is coming! A moment of relaxation with family or friends in the garden or around the pool is a must. Nothing is more comfortable than lounging on a deckchair or a sunlounger. These two types of garden chairs are pretty similar, but there are some differences between them. To learn more about them, read this article!

The deckchair for a marine atmosphere in your garden


Also known as “sunbathing”, the deckchair comes from the word “transatlantic”. Indeed, this piece of furniture takes its name from the seats installed on the deck of liners that originally made transatlantic journeys. Today, it is used as a seat to relax, sunbathe or read under the sun.

The deckchair is composed of a frame that can be made of wood, aluminum, plastic, or steel, and a seat generally made of canvas. The choice is very wide regarding the design since different models range from the most modern to the most traditional. This allows you to choose the chair that suits your style and your needs.

The different types of deckchairs

In order to satisfy every decorative desire, manufacturers have designed various types of deckchairs.

The fixed or folding bouncer?

Although the fixed deckchair brings an unequaled aesthetic touch to your garden, it takes up a lot of space. Indeed, it is difficult to store and move. If you have a small storage space, it is better to abandon the idea of buying this model. Nevertheless, it offers more comfort since its backrest is adjustable.

Unlike the fixed bouncer, the folding bouncer is very practical. When you don’t need it anymore in winter, you can store it easily. However, the disadvantage of this piece of furniture is the fragility of its structure.

Flat deckchair or ergonomic deckchair?


To enjoy a good nap under an umbrella or to sunbathe with your back to the sun, the flat deckchair is the ideal choice.

If you suffer from back pain, it is recommended to opt for an ergonomic model (S-shaped), which will allow you to adjust the position.

Rocking chair, fixed or reclining?

To decorate your terrace, your pergola, or your pool deck, there is nothing better than the fixed deckchair. This one is usually S-shaped.

If you want to be able to adjust the position of the seat to your liking, opt for the rocking or reclining lounger. There are also models with wheels that are easy to move and inflatable models that are easier to store.

The sunlounger: a piece of furniture for resting


Unlike the bouncer, the sunlounger does not allow a reclining position. It is equipped with crossed feet that give it a stable and solid base. In addition, the sunlounger has no armrests, which makes it less comfortable than the “sunbed”. Nevertheless, for some models, it is possible to adjust the height of the backrest to obtain a more or less inclined position.

The sunlounger is less cumbersome and lighter than the deckchair in terms of practicality. Easily transportable, it can be moved everywhere. Note also that it is the ideal seat for a small surface. Enjoy a good sunbath quietly, even on your balcony.

Generally, the frame of the sunlounger is made of wood, but it can also be made of metal. These sturdy materials give it incomparable longevity. As for the fabric that makes up the seat and back of the sunlounger is designed with cotton, polyester, batyline, or Textilene fabric.

The most popular with households is the cotton canvas. However, it is the batyline fabric that is the most resistant to weather and UV rays.

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