7 Places You Must Visit in Normandy

Normandy is the second most popular region globally, after California, as it is the most open and dynamic region, thanks to its 640 km of coastline and 8 commercial ports. With its natural assets, it has something to dazzle visitors. But what are the main must-see places in Normandy? In this article, we will list 7 of them.


Qualified as a “city of art and history”, Rouen, the capital of Normandy, fascinates by its medieval past marking the history of France and by its image referring to great artistic figures such as Corneille and Flaubert. Indeed, its legacy is composed of hundreds of buildings, which are historical monuments, religious buildings, hydraulic buildings, mansions, sports complexes, etc. To discover its impressive architectural heritage, one must wander through its cobblestone streets and many neighborhoods.

Moreover, it plays a significant role in economic matters thanks to its large seaport, which serves all the continents and whose quays are arranged to be favorable to the stroll and relaxation.

2-Le Havre

Since 2005, Unesco has labeled it as a World Heritage Site because Auguste Perret rebuilt it after its destruction by a bombing during the war in 1944. Today, it is an exceptional example of post-war urbanism and architecture. Turned towards the sea, Le Havre is a dynamic city, ideal for the practice of water sports. It also has museums, art galleries, a skatepark, etc.

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3-Le Tréport

Le Tréport is a marine city that lives at the sea’s rhythm. It offers a unique landscape between green and blue. Its scenery is highlighted, no matter what the movements of nature (tides, clouds, sun, sand, etc.). Apart from the activities linked to the beach, Tréport is animated by casinos, cultural events, etc. Besides Kahl-Bürg, a military heritage built by the German army, “le Mont-Saint-Michel,” one of France’s most visited sites, is also listed as a World Heritage Site. It is a rocky island called “the wonder of the West”, located in the abbey of Gothic style dedicated to the archangel Saint Michel.


Dieppe is an emblematic seaside resort and a very active port, with several activities related to the sea, such as sea fishing, kayaking, sailing, diving, paddling, etc. Indeed, Dieppe is at the same time a fishing port, a commercial port, and a marina. Moreover, it is known for its gastronomy, whose flagship products are the scallop and herring, to be purchased at the fish market of Dieppe. The city is animated by various festivals throughout the year, such as the International Kite Festival, which takes place every two years in September.


Étretat is the most appreciated natural site in Normandy. It is even a pride of the Normandy coastline. Moreover, it is ideal for romantic getaways, especially at sunset, thanks to its incredible cliffs of pure white color with spectacular shapes left by erosion. These cliffs are a source of inspiration for visitors but especially for famous painters like Claude Monet.

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6-Le Barfleur

Barfleur is one of the “most beautiful villages in France” on the edge of the English Channel, where natural landscapes and human constructions are combined. Its beauty results from its tiny fishing harbor and its gray granite houses built on a spit of land, bringing the waters of Contentin closer.

Its port has also been a source of inspiration for the famous painters Antoine Guillemet, Paul Signac, and Albert Voisin.


Cherbourg is a city with a protected natural setting, the largest artificial harbor globally, the deepest aquarium in Europe, and the largest submarine open to the public. Moreover, Cherbourg is animated by dynamic markets, lively bars, and restaurants offering traditional dishes and flavors from all over the world.

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