Discovering Argentina: 5 Things To Do in Salta

Salta, Argentina is located in the country’s northern part. It is a beautiful city that should not be missed in this vast country. The reason for this is its pleasant urban area and breathtaking surroundings: in one week, you can enjoy all the highlights of this diverse landscape (and sunny climate!).

Landmarks of Salta, Argentina

Most tourists rent a car to explore the area around Salta, Argentina. This is an ideal mode of transportation because it allows you to stop at some of the most spectacular viewpoints in this beautiful region. The following tours will enable you to see the most beautiful spots of the city and all of the north and south in one week

1) Wine Tasting in Cafayate

We will start with the Southern side of Salta. Rent a car in the center and take Ruta 68 to Cafayate. From this moment on, the real fun begins. This is one of the most beautiful roads you will drive through. The mountains’ many reddish rocks, vineyards, and views are fantastic. Don’t forget to stop at the huge Gargant del Diablo canyon. Very impressive.

In total, it is about a 3-hour drive to Cafayate, which is undoubtedly not a punishing experience in this area. In Cafayate, you can enjoy fresh empanadas while listening to live music or visit the beautiful vineyards nearby. In short, an interesting stop for a night or two.

2) Stay in the White Village of Cafayate

From Cafayate, follow Ruta 40 to Cachi, the longest road in Argentina, which stretches from north to south, totaling over 5,000 km. Here, too, the road is mostly unpaved and lined with huge, beautiful rock formations; in contrast to the reddish color of Ruta 68, the rocks in this section are much lighter in color. And it is this diversity that makes the driving in this area so beautiful. Check the weather forecast well in advance because in case of heavy rain, the road is only accessible by 4×4. In the dry season, the fun is 100% in this dazzling environment!

3) Riding Along Ruta 33 Surrounded by Cacti

After an overnight stay in the white village of Cachi, you can return to Salta via Ruta 33. The landscape on Ruta 33 is very different from what you have seen previously, which was mostly arid. Ruta 33 meanders through large green mountains at nearly 3,500 meters above sea level. The scenery of Parque Nacional Los Cardones is also awe-inspiring. Along the road are vast plains with thousands of cacti.

4) Visit to the Local Market in Pumamarca

Let’s now to the north of Salta. Here, too, there are many highlights.

Tilcara is an ideal place to stay north of Salta. It is a charming village with a fascinating museum displaying Incan ruins. The towns of Pumamarca and Umahuaca are also nearby, and you will not want to miss them when you are here. In addition to historical remains, traditional influences also stand out in the area.

In Pumamarca, for example, you will find a large market with all kinds of clothing in typical South American prints. You can buy colorful jumpers and scarves for yourself as well as souvenirs. Also, just after the market, there is a unique mountain with seven different colors. If you climb it a bit, you will have a fantastic view of Cerro de los Siete Callores!

5) Go to the Salt Fields and the 14 Colored Mountains

After a delicious lunch (Argentinean empanadas!) at a local market in Pumamarca, continue on the road to the salt flats. After about 1.5 hours on a winding road with many hairpin curves, you will reach Salinas Grandes. This salt mountain is not as large as the Bolivian mountains, but it is undoubtedly impressive. Even if it is raining, the layers of water offer beautiful reflections. Tip: Don’t forget your sunglasses! The reflections are very strong.

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