Have a Taste of Northern Spain – 5 Amazing Things to Do and See in Asturias

From the highest peak and the most beautiful glacial lakes to charming little towns, cities (that deserve a stop along the way and amazing wild beaches), these are my favorite plans of what to do and what to see in Asturias. Asturias sounds like great mountains to me. It tastes like cider to me. It smells of the sea and small fishing villages painted in a thousand colors. It reminds me of charming cities and natural corners where I would get lost a thousand times. It is always a pleasure to return to a community that has everything for me. Will you accompany me on this tour of my favorite places? 

It is challenging to make a compilation capable of capturing the essence of Asturias. Its tourism slogan says it well: Asturias natural paradise. But after countless trips and escapades through this community, this is my contribution—five recommendations for you to hallucinate in colors. Don’t be angry if you think I am missing something important. Leave your proposal in the comments and help the next travelers! Are you ready to discover the best treasures to see in Asturias? Grab your virtual passport, and let’s visit Asturias!

#1. Cangas de Onís and the Lakes of Covadonga

One of the most iconic images in the community, of course, I had to start this list with a corner of the Picos de Europa National Park. And what a place. From the charm of the town of Cangas de Onís and its spectacular Roman bridge to the Basilica of Santa María la Real de Covadonga and the Santa Cueva. A good preamble to what we will find right at the end of a beautiful mountain road: the lakes of Covadonga. Three lakes of glacial origin are completely surrounded by mountains and of great beauty. The set could not be more spectacular, right ?.

#2. Bulnes and the Ruta del Cares

He could not reduce the Asturian sector of Picos de Europa only to Covadonga. There are so many corners, so many villages, so many viewpoints, so many peaks to climb… So we continue through what, for me, is the most beautiful town in the area and along the simplest and most famous hiking route in the Picos de Europa. Indeed the name of Bulnes sounds familiar to you, right ?. Am I talking about the famous Naranjo de Bulnes or Pico Urriellu mountain? Not at all!. I mean the charming town of Bulnes. An idyllic village nestled between mountains and whose access must be done on foot through a beautiful hiking route or funicular from Poncebos. You can know all the details in my article on how to go up to Bulnes.

#3. Llanes

Llanes reminds me of my childhood, cider and tapas in the old town’s bars, and endless wild beaches. It is, without a doubt, one of the most famous coastal cities on the Asturian coastline. An ideal destination if you want to enjoy beach days combined with cultural visits.

The heart of Llanes has been declared an Artistic Historic Site. A set of pedestrian streets full of medieval monuments, among which the Basilica of Santa María stands out. Also, it has a coastline that is also full of attractions such as the Paseo de San Pedro, the port, the artistic complex of Cubos de la Memoria, and fantastic beaches such as El Sablón or Toró beach. We are facing another perfect place to settle for several days and get to know some of the attractions of the eastern Asturian coast. Hands down, my favorite in the community.

#4. Bufones de Pría

A few kilometers from Llanes, you will find this wonder of nature. Not even the best sculptor would have been able to create a landscape full of cliffs where the sea’s force is the undisputed protagonist of the scene. We are talking about the Bufones de Pría. Jesters indicate the appearance of large cracks in the limestone rock of a cliff. In this way, seawater seeps through the holes at the swell’s peak and causes real water jets. This place is full of buffoons of greater or lesser size. And, if you are as lucky as me, seeing them at their peak is an unforgettable experience.

#5. More and More Breath-taking Beaches

I could spend my life exploring the Asturian coast, and I would always come back with some discovery. Asturias’ beaches are wild like few others, and they boast crystal clear waters and a lower level of occupation than the sandy beaches of neighboring communities such as Cantabria. I’ll leave my TOP 5 staff beaches to visit in Asturias: the Poo Beach, Beach Sea Caves, twin beaches of Ballota and Andrín, the coast of Rodiles, and Torimbia beach. You know. As always, this is a very subjective selection. Am I sure you have your own TOP 5, right?

So, what did you think of this mega compilation about the best places to see in Asturias? Let me know in the comment section below!

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