5 Ways to Connect With Nature

With this growing distance between us and the outside world, it may seem almost impossible to find ways to connect with nature in daily life, but that does not mean it is true. Today, more scientists are discovering that we are not designed to live only within the urban sprawl and that staying connected to nature is critical to our health and happiness. It is a cure for just about everything that ails us, from depression to stress to social isolation and even fatigue. There are so many benefits to going outdoors. As someone who lives in an urban area, I have learned that while it can be difficult, there are ways to forge that connection every day.

Humans know how important it is to connect with nature in this busy world to see the beauty within the mother planet and realize what we have been given, whether the rivers flow freely or the lush green mountains and evergreen forests. Everyday life passes by with blurred lights, loud sounds, and the sound of the people around us. Connecting with nature allows us to find peace in our busy lives and enriches us as individuals. It allows us to see every living thing, intricately. So here are some ways we can awaken our senses and deeply understand the cycle of our nature.

1. Feel the earth beneath you. Activities like yoga and running are great for connecting with nature. We are often separated from the ground we walk on, as our trodden path is paved with concrete, cement, or carpet. We are rebalancing this by walking on the lush green grass, in the mud, or leaving footprints in the sand.

2. It only takes 10 minutes of your day to go from point A to point B, but the essential thing is not to hurry to complete it. Just letting yourself be absorbed in nature by soaking up the beauty of the nature around us by observing the pattern of trees or flowers around this can be a stress relief for us where we forget all our stress and worries and calm our nerves in nature.

3. Align your day with the sunshine boy. To start, begin your nighttime ritual or routine when the sun goes down or comes up. Generations before us would call it a day when the sunset and your body systems would be much more aligned with the sun and moon than ours. By surrounding ourselves with cell phones, laptops, etc., we seem to misaligned our natural clocks, making it difficult for us to run out of energy each night. The additional experiment of this is to go one night without turning on the house lights after sunset to allow your body to adjust to nature.

4. Gardening can be healing and a foundation for our overall environment. By maintaining a small patch area in our garden or backyard, we can grow some organic herbs or vegetables for ourselves. The beauty of slowing down, moving with what feels natural is such a moving lesson that we can learn from watching the seeds grow into the plants.

5. Going to a jungle resort for a jungle safari – Going on a jungle safari is next on our wish list as experiencing the beauty of the wild green forests helps us know what we miss in the big concrete jungles. Whether it is the woods’ flora and fauna or their raw, untouched existence from the city. Living in the jungle resort gives us the feeling of being close to nature.



So the next time you plan a trip do make it around the nature and contemplate the beauty of this marvelous place!

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