Pizza Is Happiness – 5 Reasons Why The Thought of Pizza Makes Us So Happy

Nothing makes you salivate faster than thinking of a pizza. It’s the Achilles heel of anyone on a diet, and many prefer it to a slice of chocolate cake. Yet, it makes us happy, and a new investigation set out to understand why it is that we give in to it. The report was the American frozen pizza brand DiGiorno, which organised three parties to hide 40 high-resolution cameras. During the evening, someone was in charge of putting pizzas in the oven and then cutting them and serving them to the guests. Throughout the process, the cameras, with facial recognition technology, captured the reactions and emotions of the participants. When studying the results, they concluded that the moment of greatest happiness was when the aroma of the pizza came out of the oven. The melting cheese and the crunchy gaining dough achieved 24% joy. However, when seeing the pizza, the percentage dropped to 20%, and when eating it, it reached 11%.

So, what makes us happy? Anticipation. The feeling that the pizza is about to come to the table, that moment of excitement of the senses generates a peak of happiness only comparable to putting a portion in the mouth. Let’s see the five top reasons why pizza brings us so much joy and pleasure!


#1: It’s Has A Feel-Good Factor

Studies show that some people avoid carbohydrates like the plague, but they are essential for good physical and mental health. Eating carbohydrate-rich foods like pizza increases serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin plays an integral role in emotional well-being and happiness. A balanced diet gives you more energy, satisfies your appetite and improves your mood.


#2: Your Brain Pursues Indulgence

Notice that salt, fat and sugar are often the most tempting foods. It turns out that the human brain is set up to crave energy-rich foods that make us feel fuller for longer. The brain releases dopamine – a neurotransmitter that promotes reward – just at the thought of food like pizza. That’s why it feels physically good to think about pizza, see it and eat it.


#3 Sharing Pizza Deepens Bonds

When you eat with friends or family, you usually prepare the food yourself. But when a group chooses a pizza, dining becomes a shared experience. The concept of eating the same food with another person creates a bond that may seem far-fetched, but it has a scientific basis – building trust. They eat the same meals and get the same treats, so the sense of community is stronger than if everyone had ordered separately.


#4 Even Drawing A Pizza Makes Us Happy

In a surprising study, researchers found that participants were happier when they painted a pizza. Those who painted pizza, cookies, strawberries and peppers were 28% more likely to have a better mood than those who painted cake and cookies. This result was higher than for any other food group. So next time you’re waiting for pizza delivery, use the wait to improve your artistic skills and your mood.


#5: It’s Simply Freaky DELICIOUS

Whether or not pizza makes us feel better, it’s easy to admit that it’s simply delicious. It’s a universally loved dish that you can share with family and friends, and that makes everyone happy.


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