Trip to Indonesia: Discovering Lombok Island

Lombok is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia, along with Java, Bali, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. It is located east of Bali and is mainly known for the Gili Islands, that is, the islands of Trawangan, Meno, and Air. The Gili Islands are typical reward islands located on the west coast of Lombok, in the northern part of the island. Other popular spots in Lombok are Senggigi, the surf paradise of Kuta, and the Rinjani Volcano. Lombok also differs from Bali in terms of religion. Bali is Buddhist, while Lombok has an Islamic culture.

5 Must-visit Spots for Your Lombok Vacation

The Gili Islands, easily accessible from both Bali and Lombok, are not to be missed when traveling in Indonesia. When you think of “Gili,” imagine white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, cozy bars, and numerous excursions to experience the vibrant underwater world. One of the lesser known of the Gili Islands is Gili Nanggu which is also beautiful.

2) Rinjani Volcano

For the more adventurous, take a trip from the coastal town of Senggigi or the Gili Islands to the Gunung Rinjani Volcano. This adventure is susceptible to wind and weather, but the views are spectacular. From the overlook, you can see the water-filled Segara Anak Crater.

3) Senggigi

Senggigi is a cozy seaside town with many hotels and restaurants catering to tourists. Here you can buy souvenirs such as silverware, statues, wood carvings, and pearls. There are also lovely beaches and several snorkeling spots. You can also rent a scooter and ride along the coast.

Senggigi, Indonesia 2022: Best Places to Visit - Tripadvisor

4) Kuta Lombok

If you like surfing, head to Kuta, Lombok. Here you will find large beaches where the wind blows hard and create beautiful waves. Kuta is a resort area in the southern part of Lombok, and it is said that the waves are better in Kuta, Lombok, than in Bali. So, by all means, go there! Like to relax? Quench your thirst with fresh coconuts and pineapples sold on the beach and relax in the sun.

5) Tetebatu

This is a small village near Rinjang where you can take a beautiful walk through the various rice paddies and small towns. It is recommended to hire a guide. They can help you find the best spots and will tell you more about the area. In some places, you can even find waterfalls.

How To Get To Lombok?

Most people come to Denpasar, Bali first. From Bali, you can take a ferry to Lombok. This can be either a slow boat or a fast boat. Of course, the slower boat is cheaper, but the travel time is much longer. For the fast boat, you will have to pay more Indonesian Rupiah. Tickets to Lombok can often be booked locally. For example, you can buy a bus + boat package in Ubud. Boats depart from Padangbai in Bali and usually run several times a day.

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What To Do in Indonesia After Your Vacation in Lombok?

Travel from Lombok to Flores

Did you know it is very easy to travel from Lombok to Flores? It is best to take a boat trip to Flores; if you do so, you will reach the Komodo Islands in 3-4 days. Often you will board this ferry with other passengers (usually backpackers), so you can enjoy a few days of fun.

– Travel to the Nusa Archipelago

If you like the Gilis, you will also be interested in the Nusa Islands, just below Bali.

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