Typical Dishes of Croatian Cuisine You Should Try (Part Two)

What is there to see in Croatia, the trendy destination? Well, especially that medieval jewel called Dubrovnik: a must-see in Croatia! It also has more than a thousand islands. And a coastline of coves and pine forests that resembles the Costa Brava. And its capital, Zagreb, reminds us of the greatness of its Austro-Hungarian past. But when traveling to this incredible place, what you should definitely try is the Croatian cuisine. Today, we tell you about the dishes you should try but before reading below, if you haven’t, check out the first part of our article here.

Octopus Salad

The Croatian octopus salad is another Croatian specialty. As the name suggests, it is a salad that accompanies many Croatian dishes. Of course, you can’t leave without taking a look at it and eating it, because it is definitely a must.

This Croatian salad contains the following ingredients: parsley, tomato, red onion, cooked octopus, lemon juice, garlic and olives. It can be seasoned with olive oil and salt to taste. Sometimes red and green peppers are added, but this is optional. It sounds simple, doesn’t it, and we assure you that this typical Croatian meal tastes great!


Pašticada - dalmatinski klasik na naš način

Now it’s time to talk about Croatian pašticada, a braised beef dish, one of the typical Croatian dishes. The first thing to know is that the preparation is long and you have to be very patient to get the perfect meat. In Croatia, it is common for this dish to be prepared to order, so that the chef has enough time to make it properly without pressure.

However, pašticada is a typical Croatian dish and consists of beef or veal. The meat is first marinated in a vinegar-flavored marinade. It is then fried, it is important that the meat is not cut in any way. It is then braised in a kind of sauce made of wine and prosecco. At this point, nuts and pepper are added. Then, if you prefer, you can fry the meat again and serve it in the drained sauce.

This dish has a rather strong and intense taste, but Croatians often sprinkle grated sheep cheese on top. This dish is served with gnocchi. But, interestingly, this dish has many ways of preparation, which vary from one Croatian city to another.

Crni Rižot (Black Risotto)

Ino Kuvačić's Croatian Black Squid Ink Risotto - Crni Rižot - ✮ The Food  Dictator ✮

Traditional Croatian cuisine surprises us with unique options like crni rižot or black risotto. It is a classic not only in Croatian restaurants, but also in the taverns of Dalmatia, the beautiful coast of the country. This popular and famous dish has cuttlefish and squid as its main ingredients.

Its preparation is not very different from any other risotto, but its particularity is its intense black color, which can be quite intimidating. This color is achieved by adding squid ink to the dish just before finishing it. This typical Croatian dish contains seafood such as mussels and clams and is served with a bit of grated parmesan on top.


Fritule Authentic Recipe | TasteAtlas

Croatian desserts are equally tasty and varied. Croatian desserts such as fritules, festive pastries are a must during celebrations and are also eaten as a snack on Christmas Eve and on days when meat is not eaten. Fritules are also known as pršurate, frite or prikle.

They are made from a sweet dough (which may contain nuts, raisins, yogurt and cherry liqueur), which is fried in a large amount of oil for several minutes. Before pouring them into the hot oil, brandy or rum is added to give them a different flavor and prevent them from being soaked in oil. The dough for this dessert can be made by hand, but you can also find ready-to-fry versions in supermarkets.

Finally, we must say that Croatian cuisine and sweet dishes are a marvel for the eye and the taste. Do you want to try them? Do you dare? Go for it! And if you have already eaten them, don’t hesitate to comment below and suggest other ideas.

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