Your Travel Guide to Guatemala

Bordered by Mexico, Guatemala is a beautiful country found in Central America. Guatemala has it all; it is a combination of lakes, volcanoes, archeology, colonial towns, jungles, beaches, and above all, an exciting culture. 

In this article, we give you a travel guide to Guatemala so that you don’t miss some of the most beautiful places there. Happy discovery.

Semuc Champey

Tailor Made Holidays To Semuc Champey, Guatemala 2021/22 | Beyond The  Ordinary

Semuc Champey is a series of limestone bridges and caves that meander through central Guatemala, on the Cabahón River. Semuc Champey is all about traveling on rough roads and going through a memorable long walk through the hot and humid jungle.

In Semuc Champey you can also relax with a dip in the beautiful turquoise pools, over bridges of natural limestone formed by the Cahabon River. The caves can be found between the limestone bridges, and some are only accessible if you swim underwater.

These natural pools are fast becoming one of Guatemala’s main attractions. The water runs through an enormous limestone formation, filling the pools and then pouring them into small waterfalls.


Chichicastenango is such a long name that it echoes in the ear. But, this is a fantastic place that invites you to visit to immerse yourself in the Mayan culture and close contact with the Guatemalan population. Perhaps because of the fantastic Thursday and Sunday market, where you can buy everything from food and colorful blouses to traditional carved wooden masks. As it is abbreviated, Chichi is a picturesque village of conventional hills, with cobbled streets and one of the largest Mayan trade centers since pre-Hispanic times.

Panajachel and Lake Atitlan

Panajachel travel | Guatemala, Central America - Lonely Planet

Panajachel, a city by the lake Atitlán lake, in the central highlands of southwest Guatemala, originates from the indigenous word ttributed to a tropical fruit: the white sapote.

The city is on the shores of Lake Atitlán – the deepest lake in Central America – where volcanoes also dominate the landscape. Panajachel is an old colonial city, where you can explore the permanent market and is the perfect base for exploring the native villages around Lake Atitlán, which are accessible by private boat.

Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is a charming colonial city in the central highlands of Guatemala and one of the best places to visit in this Central American country. Commonly known as Antigua, it was once the capital of Guatemala and is now best known for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque architecture.

Often shaken by earthquakes, Antigua is also known for the ruins of cathedrals, including the church of San Francisco, which has been destroyed a couple of times. Antigua is a trendy tourist attraction during Holy Week, with parades and floats and handmade flower rugs that transform the streets into an absolutely stunning setting.

Pacaya Volcano

Volcan Pacaya (Guatemala) actualités sur l'activité éruptive / 3 Mar - 16  Apr 2021 / VolcanoDiscovery

Located 30 km from Antigua, the Volcano Pacaya, is an active volcano, having last erupted in 2010. Before, in 2006, a slight increase in the volcanic activity of Pacaya formed several rivers of lava that slowly descended the slopes. From then on, the volcano became a mandatory tourist destination in Guatemala.

The Pacaya volcano belongs to the Central American volcanic arc, a chain of volcanoes that extends from the Northwest to the Southeast of the Pacific coast of Central America, formed by the tectonic plate of the Caribbean.

There are hiking trails and opportunities open to the public, for exploration on foot or horseback. There is also the possibility to spend the night camping near the top of the volcano, heated by the lava in the subsoil. Take the opportunity to take in your backpack some marshmallows to melt through the heat of the magma.

You can book these activities in advance or, preferably, through local companies after arriving in Antigua. The Pacaya Volcano is easily accessible from Guatemala City and Antigua.

You now have your itinerary to visiting Guatemala. Don’t forget to share with us how your trip was in the comment section below. 


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