4 Places You Should Visit If You’re a Ji Chang Wook Fan

4 Places You Should Visit If You’re a Ji Chang Wook Fan

What can I say about Ji Chang Wook?

He is my all-time favorite actor. Even if I don’t know him personally, I believe he is a genuine person with a pure soul and a heart of gold (did that make me sound like I’m fangirling???) There are many male actors in South Korea, but Ji Chang Wook’s versatile acting and his dramas and movies are impressive. He’s played romantic heroes, villains, a sweet convenience store owner, an arrogant lawyer, nerds, a Joseon sword fighter and a handsome magician. And, he can convey a range of emotions with his eyes only – truly, he’s the epitome of acting.

And, when it comes to his attractive physical features, well, where do I start? He’s the most handsome and sexiest of all the Korean actors; he’s got a really beautiful voice and mesmerizing eyes; his swag walk is swoon-worthy; and did I mention how he looks sooo damned good in those designer clothes.

Ahem, back to our topic, if you are as obsessed with Ji Chang Wook as I am, you will be more than happy to visit the following places.


AnyangFirst of all, Anyang is not a filming location but rather the birthplace of our dear Wookie. This is the place where a beautiful angel named Ji Chang Wook was born; it’s where the sexiest male Korean actor was brought to the world – am I overexaggerating?

Anyway, Anyang is a large and beautiful city found in Gyeonggi Province with a population of approximately 600, 000. In the past, it has played a key role in the economic development of the country due to its industrial development and transportation system that far outpaced other cities, and over the years, the city has become a center for motion-picture production.

Anyang is also known for its rich historical heritage which consists of the Yombul Temple, Anyang Temple and Jungch’o Temple which were built around the 9th century. The Anyang Art Park, an old amusement park, was revisited and transformed into a relaxing blend of art and nature. The park consists of several landscaping areas, nature trails, and sports facilities (like badminton and tennis courts) and it boasts creative art displays, quirky sculptures as well as local cultural treasures.

Climate-wise, the area has four seasons, where the winters are usually dry and freezing while the summers are humid and hot.

I don’t think you’ll come across Ji Chang Wook strolling around in his birth town, but I’m sure you’d love visiting the birthplace of your favorite actor. Plus, there are many famous local snacks like fried sanbuzhan and Anyang three smoked meats you can try out while visiting Anyang.

Grand Music Café (Yangpyong)

Grand Music Café (Yangpyong)In 2019, a fan spotted Wookie at the Grand Music Café and got to take lots of pictures with him. I can’t predict if he will visit the same café, but there’s no harm in visiting it at least once, right?

Initially, this coffee shop was an old home with a small yard which was then renovated and transformed into a cool place to sip on coffee and munch on delicious cakes. The signature coffee is really good and the brunch menu is even more amazing.

London Bagel Museum AngukLondon Bagel Museum Anguk

Ji Chang Wook is one of the highest-paid actors in South Korea. However, his versatile acting skill wasn’t the only thing that captured the hearts of millions of fangirls. His drool-worthy look is what always makes fans go banana over him and this is why it’s not surprising that fans can always spot him wherever he is.

Again, I’m not an expert in prediction, but since Wookie was once spotted at the London Bagel Museum Anguk, you can try your luck there.

Nestled in a serene and beautiful corner of Anguk, a place in South Korea that shines with traditional architecture, the London Bagel Museum is a popular bakery café shop that’s always seen with a huge crowd lining outside the store. Verdict: The atmosphere is great, the staff is friendly and the food is delicious.

S459 Café (Cheongju)

S459 Café (Cheongju)If you are a fan of Ji Chang Wook, you must have watched and idolized the cult hit drama “Healer.” Personally, this K-drama hits the top of my list of favorite K-dramas to re-watch. So, if you love this drama, you can plan a trip to Cheongju as it’s one of the main locations used to film the show.

The S459 Café is a quite fancy coffee shop that’s located right beside KBS’ Cheongju broadcasting station. There was an episode (episode 5) where Detective Yoon and his colleagues were identifying people from Double S. This particular episode was shot outside and on the balcony of the café.

Ji Chang Wook isn’t going to be there, but it’ll be nice to visit the drama that made your heart throb.





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