7 Unknown Islands To Visit in Thailand

Thailand’s islands are world-famous. No wonder most feature crystal clear waters, swaying palm trees on the beach, cozy bars, and snorkeling in many places. So, here are some of the most beautiful discoveries, highlighting some of Thailand’s undiscovered islands. 

1) Koh Adang 

Located on the border with Malaysia, Koh Adang is one of Thailand’s 51 islands and is part of the Tarutao National Park. This park and its islands are located in the Andaman Sea, and Koh Adang is its second largest. The other island known from this park is Koh Lipe, which is much more popular than Adang, and most visitors to Adang also make a day trip from Koh Lipe. Did you know that from Koh Adang, you can see Koh Lipe from some locations? The best place to do so is the road leading to Chad Reef. Of course, there are bright blue waters and relaxing beaches, but the only thing you can do here is snorkel and sleep in a quiet beach hut. 

2) Koh Yao 

Koh Yao (of which there are two, Koh Yao Noi and Koh Kai Yai) is located near Phuket and Krabi. Compared to other places in Thailand, Koh Yao is quiet and has no desire to become a tourist destination. These islands are also located in the Andaman Sea. As we said, there is no thriving tourism industry, and the islands are for Thai people. However, there are all kinds of accommodations here, from the simplest to the most luxurious. Those who like peace, and those who are content with nature, will find a place that will satisfy the traveler’s heart. In addition to beaches, the island’s interior is densely covered with jungle, rice paddies, and Thai people. 

3) Yoko Maki 

This Thai island is unique because it is located in the Gulf of Thailand, not in the Andaman Sea. The more famous Koh Chang is also located here. It is easy to get to Koh Mak from Bangkok. If you book tickets with a tour company, make sure they don’t think you want to go to the lower island (Koh Mook). This is much further down the road. 

4) Koh Payam 

Fishing, bird watching, snorkeling, diving, hiking, cooking, surfing, exploring the mangroves? It seems like everything is possible on Payam Island. Stay in a bungalow and take a boat from Ranong to Koh Payam. Be sure to bring enough baht from the mainland, as there is no ATM on this island. 

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5) Koh Taruk 

Another little-known pearl of an island close to Bangkok is Koh Taluk. With only one hotel, this island in the Gulf of Thailand can be called an actual private island. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and a beautiful walk to the viewpoint. The island also has a sea turtle sanctuary. You can release cute turtles on Tal Island. How to get here? You can take a bus from Bangkok to Hua Hin, and from there, you can book a day trip or an overnight stay at the Koh Tal Resort, but this comes at a price. 

6) Ko Bronlek 

North of Koh Adang, near the Thai mainland, is Koh Bronlek. It is a small island where mass tourism has not yet penetrated; for example, no stores exist. Sometimes it feels like you are in your own little paradise. The best time to visit is from Nov. to Apr. From Pakbara, a 30-minute ride on a Sirinavi boat will take you to Bronre Island.

7) Lao Lian Island 

If you Google “Lao Lian Island,” you will immediately see many beautiful beaches with bright blue waters and rocks. This Thai island is also surrounded by the Andaman Sea and is located in the southern part of Thailand. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of activities, such as rock climbing, kayaking, and snorkeling. For a few nights on Lao Lian Island, you can stay at the Lao Lian Island Resort for 1,500-1,900 Thai baht (including meals, drinks, and snorkeling equipment). 


Have you ever been to any of these islands? 

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