6 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind Before Traveling

The one thing everyone looks forward to each year is a vacation. We organize the trip with more or less care, well in advance, or take advantage of a last-minute offer. Whichever option is chosen, every traveler’s common goal is for the adventure to be a success. However, to achieve this, it is essential to consider several aspects before departure, especially during the trip!

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1) Bank Card for Travelers | Avoid Locks and Fees!

Before you begin your adventure, you need to be able to use your bank card abroad. If you do not inform your bank that you will be abroad, they may lock the card for “unusual” use or charge you extra.

Traditional banking services are always expensive. Look for a bank card designed for travelers. This will allow you to withdraw money in local currency at no cost, gets you 0 commissions on payments, and is immediately blocked if you lose the card.

2) Pack Your Suitcase With What You Need | Leave Out the “Just in Case”

Think carefully about what you are going to put in your suitcase! We tend to fill it with things “just in case,” that is, things we imagine using in exceptional situations. For example, a swimsuit for the beach or a jacket for a mountain climb.

Yes, these situations might occur during your trip, but let’s acknowledge that the probability is small. So keep it simple! Leave out the “just in case.” And if you need something, remember that there are particular stores for travelers.

Keep in mind that the lighter you travel, the more you save on documentation costs. Therefore, divide your clothes between hand and hold luggage also. Try rolling it up, so it takes up less space and doesn’t wrinkle.

3) Separate the Money | a Little Here, a Little There

Some countries are safer than others, but it is always advisable to be careful. One travel tip to keep in mind is to keep the money you bring scattered in different places. For example, carry some cash in your wallet, as much in your purse, and a little more in the secret pocket of your coat. This way, you will avoid running out of money for a loss or theft.

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4) Choose the Best Part of the Plane | Don’t Suffer From Turbulence

Are you experiencing turbulence in the plane? Then try to check-in as soon as possible to get one of the seats near the wings. This is the part of the aircraft where turbulence is least noticeable. If these seats are occupied, the front of the plane is better than the tail.

On the other hand, flying at night reduces the chance of turbulence. Either way, relax! Turbulence is normal, and planes are more than prepared to deal with it.

5) Beware of Scams | Say No to Distance Deals

Another critical travel tip is to find out what the most common scams are in the country you will be visiting. In every country, they change! And sometimes, you can be caught off guard. Finding out a little about them can help you avoid a bad experience.

One of the travel tips we insist on the most is avoiding rentals from abroad. Scams when renting apartments or rooms are one of the most common in the world. So it is better to spend your first few days in a hostel while looking for accommodation at your destination.

6) Travel With Insurance

Get travel insurance that covers possible accidents, illnesses, and even lost luggage. They are not expensive and give you tremendous peace of mind. You trip and sprain your ankle: to the doctor. You get a stomach illness from eating in a street stall: to the doctor, quickly and without complications.

In most countries, if something happens to you and you have to go to the doctor and without health insurance, you have to pay the associated costs that are usually very high. With a travel insurance, you will be less worried and it will help you cover these high costs!

Do you have any other tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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