9 Curiosities About the World of Hookah

If you have reached this article, it is clear that you are interested in the history of the hookah and the origins of what we know today as “shisha.” The hookah world has been considered the mainstream for years due to a real boom that has captivated many people in both European and American countries. Let’s check out some interesting facts about the world of Shisha!

#1. The Origin of the Hookah Is in India

For those who may be a little lost and make it enjoyable for you, we will give you a very brief summary of the Shisha’s birth. Although it is not known with certainty, one of the theories that exist is that the hookah origins date back to ancient times in India. However, other studies suggest that there were different points in which the habit of smoking as a social protocol already existed. Ancient Persia (now Iran), Africa, or the American continent are places where similar instruments used for smoking have been found, made from fruits and wood, mainly, no bowls, masts, or coals. The origin of the hookah, Shisha or hookah, was born in Turkey much later as we know it today.

#2. Water Pipes Gained Popularity in the 19th Century

Although currently, the use of the hookah is more associated with the male public, in other times, it was women who most enjoyed the use of the hookah. That was due, according to experts, to the fact that the role of women in the professional world of the time was minimal and, therefore, they had more time to socialize around the Shisha.

#3. Hookah Tobacco Has Different Names Depending on the Country

In western countries, the most common name to refer to these cigars is Shisha, while in other Arab countries, they are known as Muʽassel (molasses in Spanish).

#4. In Some Ancient Cultures, Turning Down an Invitation to Smoke Hookah Was Considered Rude

Although we currently associate the moment of smoking shisha as a pleasant, social and relaxing event, it was a mandatory part of formal dinners in the past. To the extent where refusing the invitation was considered an insult.

#5. Smoking Shisha Is Considered a Social Act in Arab Culture

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In countries with Arab culture, hookah is part of their culture and tradition. To such an extent that “smoking shisha” is considered a social act, similar to having tea in the United Kingdom, drinking wine, or a beer in Spain. Due to the prohibition of consuming alcohol in establishments in Arab countries, shishas became the star product during leisure time in the Arab community. To such an extent, Shisha is integrated into Arab society that cocktail bars, tea shops, and other businesses in the hospitality sector generate between 60% and 70% of their turnover thanks to this product. In this way, Arabs met to smoke hookah and shared talks and laughter. It was (and is) something trendy and common in their culture.

#6. Alternatives to Hookah Tobacco 

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In recent years many producers have started to produce different herb mixes as an alternative to traditional hookah or shisha tobacco. Usually, a main mixture of herbs without nicotine and based on sugar cane is used, along with molasses made from different fruits such as banana, strawberry, mint, mango, apple, and an infinite variety of flavors … They are these mixtures give the flavor of the water pipe. At the base, there’s a water tank whose mission is to clean, purify, heal, and even refresh the smoke in such a way that part of the harmful elements of the smokable remain in the water. For this reason, we recommend changing the water each time you use it, and not only so that your hookah tastes better, but also to eliminate specks of charcoal or molasses that may have been deposited in the water, which, in addition to “making up” the taste of it. They also add dirt.

#7. The Largest Hookah in the World Is in Los Angeles

Measuring around 5 meters in size, this hookah from the manufacturer Desvall holds the largest hookah title in the world.

#8. The Most Expensive Hookahs in the World Are Swedish

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Desvall has one of those businesses where the price does not even come out (because more than one would have a heart attack) of its products. According to some media, their hookahs can be worth more than € 100,000.

#9. Many Famous People Are Hookah Fans

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Among the list of celebrities and athletes who are publicly fond of hookah, we can count Mike Tyson, Drake, Miley Cyrus, or the imposing Shaquille O’Neal.

If you have other theories about the origin of the hookah, let us know in the comment section below, thus helping us update this humble vision on “How the shisha was born and why it has become a whole social phenomenon.” An if you are interested in buying hookahs, charcoals, and other hookah accessories, contact Rollo Tubes Australia. They have the most exclusive products and at the best price on the market.

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