7 Places You Should Travel to With Your Life Partner

Traveling with your soulmate is a dream come true, especially if the sun and the paradisiacal landscapes are on board. A relaxing environment for some, and sports activities for others, no matter what you and your significant other are in the mood for, here are a few destinations that are ideal for a romantic getaway!

1) Gran Canaria

With temperatures varying between 21ºC and 27ºC, you can enjoy one of the world’s mildest climates all year round in Gran Canaria. Are you more of a beach person? Then Gran Canaria is ideal for you. You prefer cultural visits, or are nature walks? Then Gran Canaria is also for you!

The urban beach of Las Canteras is also worth the detour, and there are countless activities to enjoy with your partner, including surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing, and enjoying a few drinks in one of their fantastic beach bars. Moreover, you can also stroll through Vegueta and Triana’s neighborhoods in the afternoon to contemplate the colorful houses, the Santa Ana Cathedral, or the house-museum of Pérez Galdós.

Would you fancy a romantic dinner? You can stay in your vacation apartment and plan an intimate candlelight dinner, or venture out into the warm atmosphere of a good restaurant. Besides, there is never a shortage of good restaurants on the island!

2) Palm Cove, Australia

Located at the edge of tropical Australia, Palm Cove is a peaceful haven for lovers seeking tranquility for their vacation. Travelers can explore the Daintree Forest and admire its spectacular biosphere before leaving to enjoy the impressive white-sand beaches. The spot is also recommended for those who want to dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

3) Lebanon

A trip to Lebanon will enchant lovebirds who are looking to tantalize their taste buds. On the menu: mezze, hummus, labneh or baba ganoush, the delectable and deliciously seasoned eggplant dish. This pleasant destination has a unique cultural offer!

4) Annecy

Everyone talks about Venice when it is time for a romantic getaway. However, for a young couple who are just starting to go out and cannot afford a high budget, Annecy is the ultimate romantic escape! This wonderful place is also known as the “Venice of the Alps”. It is a beautiful city, with its famous canals, which give it a charm worthy of the renowned Italian city. Its natural and mesmerizing lakes where couples can sail in small boats are another romantic asset. Picture yourself declaring your love on a small boat with the snow-capped Alps as a magnificent scene!

5) Head to the Indian Ocean

The Tanzanian Zanzibar, an island that is somewhat fantasized, unveils with modesty its many mysteries and wonders. From the charming yet tortuous streets of Stone Town to the beachside cafés, lovers traveling to the Tanzanian Zanzibar will embark on a journey of discovering a colorful and secret land. Furthermore, craft lovers will have a great time shopping for their souvenirs!

6) The Caribbean

Whether you’re going on your honeymoon or want to live to the rhythm of Central America, the Caribbean is a beautiful and bright destination for lovers wanting a relaxing experience. With their fine sand and crystal clear waters, the French West Indies beaches are renowned for leisure, and couples will love the richness of the local flora and fauna.

7) Prague

Like Paris, Prague has that romance side and provides a variety of other experiences to visitors. There are dozens of exciting and beautiful places to discover. You can start by visiting Prague Castle at night.

What are your thoughts about these destinations? We love hearing about your travel experiences, so don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments below!

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