7 Strangest Foods In The World

7 Strangest Foods In The World

When it comes to going on a trip, it is almost mandatory to know where you will visit, at least a little. You may go because you always wanted to meet that place or because you were invited by surprise, but whatever the case, you should make the most of the experience in all its aspects. In this sense, gastronomy is a fundamental aspect: each country or region has its typical dishes and peculiarities. Therefore, in this article, we show you which are the strangest foods in the world. Do you dare to try them?

Perhaps some of what we consider in this list as the strangest foods are the perfect opportunity to discover the secrets of another culture on your travels worldwide since for many people they are common or even exquisite foods. Although in each country there are different typical dishes, in general, those of us who live in the West have similar tastes –although this does not mean that what you eat in Spain is the same as what they eat in Mexico, for example-. In any case, when it comes to gastronomy, the possibilities are endless, so the statement of which is the strangest food in the world will largely depend on which part of the world you are from. For this reason, the dishes that strike us the most are generally those that come from the eastern world. Here are the ones that have caught our attention the most.



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Muktuk is a widely eaten dish in Greenland and is made primarily from whale meat and blubber. It has a similar aspect to that of the pig but with much more fat. Although it may seem to those of us who live in Mediterranean or Latin countries that enjoy a good climate that it is one of the strangest foods in the world, the truth is that it makes a lot of sense when it comes to resisting low temperatures, since the combination of proteins and fats is ideal for generating reserves for the body and for fighting the cold.


Roast Rats

The idea of ​​eating rats can be obnoxious for apparent reasons. Just by the name alone, this dish may seem to many of the strangest foods in the world and one of the most vomiting. However, in some Asian countries such as Vietnam, China and Thailand, it is a fairly common food, especially in Vietnam. If you go to this country, you can buy rat meat for only 2 euros per kilogram. They are generally served as a snack, and their consumption is considered a cure to combat fertility problems. However, it is a myth that only seeks to achieve greater consumption by the population since rat meat does not have unique properties but can also be tremendously harmful since these animals are carriers of many diseases transmitted to humans through ingestion.


Fried Spiders

Cambodia, Young woman eating fried tarantula spiders – Stockphoto

Fried spiders are a ubiquitous dish in Cambodia, specifically the fried tarantula. It is said that they are very crunchy and succulent; they are usually sold on the street at a low price. Usually, these fried or roasted spiders are the size of the palm of a hand, which is why they turn out to be a very particular kind of “lid”. The preparation of fried spiders is effortless: you just have to fry crushed garlic in oil and add the spiders. When your legs are dry and firm, they are ready.



We could say that balut is the creepiest of the strangest foods in the world. The dish consists of a duck embryo – which is barely 18 to 22 days old – consumed as street food in places like Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. It is a regular egg, but inside, everything changes. To eat it, you will have to give the egg a light blow, break the shell, and you will be able to see the embryo and taste it… If you are able.


Casu Marzu

Europe also does not escape the phenomenon of the strangest foods globally, and in Italy, they have one of the most bizarre and unattractive dishes. We know that Italian cuisine is exquisite, as very few resist a pizza or a Bolognese; However, no matter how much a pasta and cheese lover you are, you probably won’t dare to try Casu Marzu. It is a cheese made with sheep’s milk, typical of the Sardinia region. So far, everything is normal. Thanks to its characteristic taste and smell, the problem is that this cheese becomes the perfect habitat for many flies that deposit their larvae there. The “grace” of Casu Marzu (literally “rotten cheese”) is in consuming the cheese with its live larvae and everything. Exquisite, right? Fortunately, its commercialization has been banned within the European Union, although it is still being manufactured for its own use in some small towns in the region.


Guinea Pig

All You Need to Know About Guinea Pigs

Peruvian gastronomy is one of the most famous today and enjoys an unprecedented expansion in America and Europe. However, certain exceptions are good to know within all gastronomy, and the Peruvian is no exception. In this land, they consume guinea pig, a fried guinea pig whose appearance is quite impressive since it is cooked whole.

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