Finest Beaches in Greece

Greece’s sandy beaches are known for their clear blue waters, great snorkeling spots, and pearly white sand. We’ve made a list of the 5 most beautiful Greek beaches for you!

1) Navagio Shipwreck Beach – Zakynthos

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, the Shipwreck beach. The most famous coast of Zakynthos is no less attractive than in the pictures. However, it should be noted that the beach can only be reached by boat. Shipwreck Beach is located on the northwest side of Zakynthos and is hidden between high cliffs.

The sea seems to glow fluorescent blue against the white beach. On the beach is the wreck of the Panagiotis (original name MV Saint Bedan). The ship was built in 1937 and ran aground at Navagio in 1980. Despite the groups of tourists there every day, this beautiful Greek beach is worth a visit: the seawater is crystal clear and excellent for swimming. You can also discover the natural caves and swim among the colorful fish that equally enjoy this beautiful water.

2) Mythos Beach Kefalonia

Kefalonia has become increasingly popular with tourists in recent years. No wonder, because this beautiful Ionian island has a lot to offer. It has several beautiful beaches, but Myrtos beach takes the cake. This beautiful beach is situated between stunning mountain peaks and relaxing there is an exceptional experience.

3) Falassarna Beach – Crete

Greece’s most famous island, Crete, also has beautiful beaches. Falassarna is a spectacular sandy beach in the northwest of Crete. Rocks entirely surround it. The whole offers a fairytale atmosphere. The beach used to be a Hellenistic port site; within a 10-minute walk, you can visit the ancient ruins.

Most of the beaches are in the north of Crete. Here the island is also much flatter than in the southern part. The few beaches in the south are hidden in secluded coves among the rocks. However, these Greek beaches usually have beautiful white sand and are situated in beautiful surroundings.

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4) Porto Katsiki – Lefkas

Lefkada is one of the Ionian islands. The island gets its name from the white beaches and white rocks of Cape Lefkatas. The island has an excellent road network, making it easy to get around. In addition to beautiful and relaxing beaches, Lefkas has two of the best surfing beaches in the Mediterranean. The beach of Porto Katsiki can be reached by car or by boat. The route to it is simply magnificent. On the way, you will encounter a lot of greenery. The almost white beach is surrounded by steep rocks and stands out beautifully against the dark blue sea. In short, Lefkas is an ideal island for a beach vacation.

5) The Volcanic Beaches of Santorini

The small island of Santorini has different types of beaches. Due to the volcanic origin of the island, you will find completely black beaches. The lava beaches are always remarkable to see and provide beautiful pictures. Vlychada is a long gray beach. A 10 minutes walk from Akrotiri, there is a red-colored lava beach, but if you walk in the other direction, you will reach a beach with white rocks and white sand. So a beach vacation in Santorini is a unique experience.

The characteristic white houses with blue or white vaulted roofs also give the island a romantic atmosphere. However, keep in mind that Santorini is very crowded for that reason, so you may want to avoid the high season. If you want to avoid the crowds of tourists, sunbathe on the less-visited beaches of Columbo and Vourvoulos in the northeast of Santorini.

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