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Nothing beats a nice refreshing frappé or any other cold coffee on a hot vacation day in Greece. These creamy, ice-cold drinks are served in tall glasses with straws and sipped to your advantage on a lounger on the beach, with the sound of the waves in your ears. Here’s some Greek-style coffee to try while you’re there!

1) Frappé

Frappé is Greece’s refreshing answer to hot summers and a must-try! It is usually served in a large glass with a straw, perfect for taking to the beach or a stroll. Of course, you can sit in any café or taverna, either way, a frappé is never far away in Greece! Besides, they also have a National Frappé Day, which is celebrated on October 7.

2) Freddo Espresso and Freddo Cappuccino

Another Greek coffee is Freddo, which can be drunk as espresso or cappuccino. The Freddo espresso is simply the refreshing Greek version of Italian coffee. However, instead of serving it hot and in a small cup, the Greeks have made the drink their way: refreshing and tasty! Unlike the frappe, it is made with real espresso coffee.

In the mid-2000s, when Italian coffees were already in Greece, the first Freddo espresso saw the light of day. With their preference for iced coffee, the refreshing Freddo espresso was born, consisting of a double espresso mixed with lots of ice. When you order a Freddo espresso, you have, as with the frappe, to decide whether you want it sweet, medium, or unsweetened.

Of all the Greek coffees, the Freddo Cappuccino is the most fashionable. This drink can be ordered in most cafes and bars and, like the frappe and Freddo Espresso, is as refreshing as it is good.

The Freddo Cappuccino is prepared in the same way as the Freddo Espresso; the difference is simply that it is served with a little skimmed milk on top, which creates an extra layer. Just stir and mix the coffee with milk and ice. Just like when you order a Frappé and a Freddo Espresso, you can decide for yourself how sweet you want it.

Frappé and Freddo, Greece's Most Popular Summer Coffee Drinks - Greek City  Times

3) Greek Briki Coffee

Greek-style black coffee is prepared, as in Turkey and several Arab countries, in a unique coffee pot called a briki. The cup is usually made of brass or copper, wider at the bottom than at the top, and has a small spout and a long handle. To obtain coffee in the Greek way, one must look for a very finely ground coffee, ground with a millstone according to ancient tradition. You can also prepare your own Greek briki coffee by following the steps below:

What You’ll Need:

-Greek coffee

-Sugar (optional)

-A briki




-Measure out a full coffee cup of water (about 2 1/2 -3 ounces or 75-90 ml) and pour it into the briki.

-Add 2 teaspoons of coffee and sugar for every 1 cup of coffee and stir.

-Place the briki on the gas and turn it on low heat.

-Let the coffee get hot very slowly. Do not leave the coffee unattended.

-Once it starts to foam, slightly lift it off the flame until the foam/bubbles have settled and put it back on the flame and allow it to foam and blow up. Then remove.

-Serve in the coffee cup.

Although this is a small coffee, it should not be confused with the espresso, which is basically drunk quickly. This Greek brik coffee should be savoured and drunk slowly, so sit back and sip on it.

Greek coffee recipe - How to make Greek coffee (Ellinikos Kafes) - My Greek Dish

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