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How to Choose a Mobile Home Awning


– A canvas to make shade in summer

– An accessory that must be dismantled

– Dimensions, canvas, and accessories

– Mobile home awning: an easy accessory

– Where to buy a mobile home awning

A mobile home awning does not have to be permanently attached to the mobile home.

Do you want to buy or rent a mobile home? For the interior design, you can choose between several types of mobile home plans.

For the exterior layout, the choice will be made between the mobile home accessories: the mobile home terrace, the mobile home awning, the mobile home awning and the mobile home roof.

Mobile home awning: a canvas for shade in summer

A mobile home awning cannot be used in winter.

An awning is a canvas tent that is attached to the mobile home, whether or not it is used in addition to a terrace.

A mobile home awning adds an extra living room while protecting its users from sun, rain, and wind.

Important: The absence of ground can cause the formation of mud.

An accessory that must be dismantled

The legislation authorises the installation of a mobile home awning on condition that it does not constitute a permanent installation.

The user must be able to remove the canvas quickly when moving the mobile home.

Before installing a mobile home awning, it is essential to ask the authorisation of the owner of the campsite or park: to harmonise the whole site, he may impose a specific type of accessory.

Mobile home awning: dimensions, canvas, and accessories

To choose a mobile home awning, the criteria are based on the dimensions of the canvas, the type of canvas, and possible accessories.

Dimensions of this type of protection

The dimensions of a mobile home awning range from 2 to 7 meters long depending on the length of the facade to be covered.

The height ranges from 2 to 4 meters.

As the roof is generally sloping, the height is lower on the outside of the mobile home awning.

Different types of canvas for the mobile home awning

A mobile home awning is available in different materials:

cotton canvas: the most widespread, highly resistant to weather and tears,

PVC, acrylic, or polyester canvas: treated against humidity, insects and reinforced with a steel frame.

The roofing fabric is attached to bungee cords that must be tightly stretched on the ground: the bungee cords and roof fabric must be stretched every day to avoid water pockets.

The whole is made of wind-resistant elements:

– welded hook-and-loop fasteners,

– reinforcement composed of high-strength stays (cables or bars).

Good to know: The canvas must be disassembled in winter to have a longer life span.

Mobile home awning: useful accessories

As an option, a mobile home awning can be equipped with certain accessories:

– door,

– partition wall,

– modular facades,

– windows and shutters.

Mobile home awning: an easy-to-live-in accessory

Choosing a mobile home awning is advantageous:

– Its installation is easy:

– like a tent,

– quick assembly and disassembly.

– Maintenance is also straightforward:

-annual cleaning with soapy water,

-no use of detergents,

-disassembled in winter and stored in a dry place.

Where to buy a mobile home awning

There are several options to buy a mobile home awning:

– order it from the manufacturer of the mobile home,

– buy a mass-produced awning,

– order it from Blinds and Awnings Company Pty Ltd.

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