The Best K-Pop Songs of 2022 That Made Us Groove

The Best K-Pop Songs of 2022 That Made Us Groove

 As a multi-stan, this might just be one of the hardest choices I’ve ever had to make. After some back-and-forth, I finally chose some of the very best and most interesting K-Pop songs of 2022. So, let’s take a look.

BTBT –B.I and Soulja Boy

BTBT –B.I and Soulja BoyI am not a casual listener of B.I’s music. But, after hearing a lot about BTBT, I decided to listen to it. It is a wonderful song with R&B and hip-hop fusion. The melody and the rap sections are both very interesting. I really, really loved how DeVita and B.I’s voices complement each other. The rap section by Soulja Boy was incredible. Compared to other K-Pop songs, this song is not your typical chorus-oriented one. Instead, every section of the song has its own color and stands out. And, of course, I can’t forget the choreography of the song, which was the main element that made the song go viral.


Simply put, this song deserves to be famous.

Honestly, my rating for this song would be 10/10.

Also, the lyrics are stunning:

“Melody sung by the moon

Oh, it’s only me and you

Make me go biteulbiteul


You bring the demon out of me

Blame it all on your body

We might be an hour late


We ain’t got no time to waste

Feels like I’m in a dream

Don’t let go of my hand

Tomorrow doesn’t matter

Immerse yourself in this moment”

That That –PSY and Suga

That That –PSY and Suga
I have always loved PSY’s music; his songs are so addictive. In 2012, when he was under the label YG, he released a song that became very famous worldwide because it was so catchy. OPPA GAGNAM STYLE. (Please tell me you heard his voice while reading this)


“That That” is the kind of song that can make you forget all your worries and just listen and sing along with it. The song is very catchy and I must mention how Suga never fails to impress me with his rapping – it’s really hard not to fall in love with his rapping skills.

This song is very refreshing and will not disappoint you at all. Even on your first time, you wouldn’t be able to resist but sing and dance along.

And, man, did I love that cowboy concept. The dance moves were super intriguing and I feel like PSY’s moves would never fail to amuse me. I also loved how Suga made that epic entrance – I’m still wondering where he jumped from though. And, that whole face-off thing between the two was so awesome and that slapping 😅!

Have a look at its lyrics:

“Long time no see, huh?

It’s been a minute, huh?

We’re back to laughing, crying, living, loving


Let’s get loco

Pandemic’s over, uh

Yeah, feeling amazing, uh

The vibes are coming, uh

Everybody say


Been aching all over for

Gotta scratch the itch for

Them crowded streets

Gotta love this hustle and bustle

North, south, east, west, ayy

Gangnam, Gangbuk, ayy

Everyone gather, throw your hands in the air

I say “yeah”


Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?

Woah-yeah, woah-oh”

Shut Down –BlackPink

Shut Down –BlackPinkFirst, I just want to say that the backtrack/instrumental is the best part of this song (no arguments allowed!) – The music itself (even without their voices) gave off rich badass vibes. And, I really loved how Liszt’s La Campanella played throughout the song as it feels like it completes the vibe. Even the little sounds of the door slamming down completed the tune and added to the after-effect. I think it was the perfect title track for Born Pink after their two-year hiatus.

Lisa and Jennie’s raps, for example, were a lot better than I had thought they would be; you can genuinely see how much they have improved since their debut. The intro to the song was not too intense or too classic, just perfect to my liking.

Now, the lyrics:

“When we pull up you know it’s a shutdown

Pull down the shutter lock the door, shut down

Whip it whip it whip it whip it


Whip it whip it whip it whip it

It’s black and it’s pink once the sun down”


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