Best Romantic Songs of Arijit Singh That Will Make You Fall For His Soulful Voice

Best Romantic Songs of Arijit Singh That Will Make You Fall For His Soulful Voice

Bollywood is blessed with a variety of singers. If you like old melodies, for example, you can listen to Kishore Kumar –for his baritone and meaningful songs – or Mohammed Rafi – for his heart-wrenching and soul-touching voice. But, if you are more inclined towards the current generation singers, then I would suggest great singers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Atif Aslam, K.K, Himesh Reshammiya, Shreya Ghosal, Palak Muchhal, Armaan malik or my favorite, Arijit Singh!

Any appreciation will be less for this guy. Initially, he started singing at some reality show and despite being rejected by many, he believed in his dream and in his voice. Many years went by and today Arijit is not only a singing superstar, he is a singing sensation in India. He is an extremely talented singer who sings with his heart and soul, which, I think, makes him the very best. He’s got a heavy masculine deep voice that always reflects pain and makes him unique. And, most of the songs sung by him have such deep lyrics that they multiply the songs’ beauty.

And, among all Bollywood singers, I think he is the only down-to-earth celeb. He has such a humble and simple nature and this is one of the reasons why he’s loved by millions.

No words can describe how much I love this man! I instantly fell in love with his voice after listening to Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2. I have an unhealthy obsession with this song and would keep replaying it. But, truly, the way he pours out his heart when he sings just tugs at my heartstrings. I’m his diehard fan and I talk about him all the time; if you don’t believe me, ask my friends. They are fed up with me because I constantly talk about his mesmerizing voice.

Anyway, enough of me and my “unhealthy obsession” and let’s take a look at some of the best songs sung by Arijit Singh.

Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2

Tum Hi Ho – Aashiqui 2I still remember listening to this song for the first time and getting addicted to it almost instantly.

The first reason why a lot of people were touched by this song was because of the singer himself. I think his voice is the aptest one for this song, as it requires a lot of soulful crooning and at the same time a melodious voice to boost the effect. In retrospect, I think if Arijit hadn’t sung this song, I don’t think it would have been this impactful. The next reason why it’s so popular is because of the awesome music composition by Mithoon, which gave the song a magical flow. 

Kesariya – Brahmastra

Kesariya – Brahmastra


Kesariya was the number-one trendy song in 2022. People loved the freshness and vibe of the song and the background scenes were indeed mesmerizing. But, once again, I guess it’s the “Arijit” effect that boosted the song to such an insurmountable level and left a deep impact in our hearts.

Ae Dil Hail Mushkil Title Song

Ae Dil Hail Mushkil Title SongEternally beautiful!

Even hip-hop, and rock music people got hooked on this iconic song. 

This, I believe, is one of the best songs released by Arijit Singh.

First, the lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya are killers. The lines are so beautiful that you’d get immediately hooked to them. That guy is really a wizard of words. My favorite line is “Junoon hai mera, banoo main tere kaabil (I strive to be worthy of you).”

And, of course, you can always expect good composition from Pritam. But, Arijit, well, he has taken the lyrics and the music to a different level altogether. It is a very different song from his usual ones and all I want to say is he has proved his mastery of music, once again.


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