The Best Rides at Disneyland California


Is it your childhood dream to visit Disneyland park in California and live your Walt Disney movie fantasies? Then, you would not like to miss its terrific and adventurous rides! Please read on to learn more about the best rides at Disneyland.


The Matterhorn Bobsleds ride

For a thrilling and memorable experience, you should go on the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride. It is a giant roller coaster decorated in an alpine theme. Also, the most fearful attraction during this ride is the delightful Abominable Snowman. Moreover, only the Disneyland of California has this ride.

Temple of the Forbidden Eye

This ride completely captures the exact theme of the Indiana Jones movie. Through this adventurous ride, you get to tour through an ancient and treacherous temple in a powerful and fast jeep! You also enjoy your ride as you get the chance to steal the precious objects of a long-lost civilization. Moreover, during your jerky but entertaining ride, you go through the illusions of caves and abandoned temples!

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride

This roller coaster is one of Disneyland’s most complex and scary coasters. It also has a striking old Hollywood western theme. This exciting coaster also has enjoyable twists and dips and runs through its amazing décor!

It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World roller coaster that has the best architecture of all the rides! You will undergo a grand musical experiment through it! It is because it plays a repetitive melody into the sound of the main instrument of different cultures. Therefore, it is a unique experience that you should not miss.


Space Mountain ride

The space mountain ride has an overall powerful and amazing impact on its riders! Even without a theme, this ride gives you a fiercely exciting experience during its first 30 seconds! Hence, you will surely want to do it again! In addition, it gets a goofy horror look and is called Ghost Galaxy for the Halloween period every year.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Do you want to experience a fast-paced and vertigo-inducing fun ride? Then, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is perfect for you! While you go through the ride, you become part of an adventurous story! In the end, your car gets into a dreadful accident with a train, and you die. After that, you arrive in hell, where a chorus of demons mocks you in a heated room. However, Mr toad does not die in the actual story! You also get to see exciting animations of weird and scary characters!

The Haunted Mansion

For a slightly frightening but gleeful experience, the Haunted Mansion is a great choice. It has an impeccable classic design. This ride’s setup also includes an eye-catching Southern mansion inspired by the American thriller Antebellum. The Haunted Mansion ride happens like this: First of all, there is a pre-ride introduction by a cast member who tells you stories, making you more curious and impatient for fun. Then, you move in a so-called stretching room where you meet a ghost host who gives you an iconic fearful speech. After that, you exit the room and go on board an omnimover ride called doom buggies. In seconds, you are lost in a delightful adventure in the mansion’s Gothic theme décor.

Pirates of the Caribbean

You get the chance to have an excellent ride on an exciting boat moving on water. The boat moves slowly through a fabulous setup of the animated recreation of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie scenes. You can also see the robot of the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp in the disguise of his Jack sparrow character. It undoubtedly gives you a memorable moment to live fantastic fantasies.


Splash Mountain ride

If you like water rides, then the Splash Mountain ride is perfect! Do not worry as you will not get wet through this safe ride. Although lengthy, this ride is very enjoyable as you see lovely animatronics. You will also be surprised and thrilled as the boat suddenly dives down a height of 50 feet! However, the best part of the ride is the time when a riverboat full of friendly animals comes to celebrate your survival. You will never regret doing a spin on the Splash Mountain ride as it remains an unforgettable masterpiece of amusement park design!

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

The latest and best ride of Disneyland California is the Rise of the Resistance. This 18-minute-long ride makes you feel as if you are navigating in a real Star Wars movie set! It shows a beautiful combination of classic Disney stories and modern technology. Also, its overwhelming size leaves you in awe.

Doing the amazing roller coaster rides of Disneyland indeed pays! It is also a very entertaining activity to do with your friends and family during your leisure time! Please share your comments below!

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