Three Marvelous Adventure Spots in Philippines

Here are three fantastic places of adventure in the Philippines.


  1. Bohol


Bohol is known for its glittering white sandy beach resorts, extensive coral reefs, world-class dive sites, Chocolate Hills (almost symmetrical mounds of limestone formations resembling Hershey’s Kisses), and the iconic tarsier (the oldest species of primate in the world). However, this large Philippine island has lately been a recurring element in the world of global tourism for yet another attraction: the Danao Adventure Park. Managed by the local government with the help of private defense groups, the adventure park has become the hub of eco-adventure activities par excellence. The park offers more than a dozen extraordinarily exciting activities that leverage the rugged and deeply varied topography of the natural park. Welcoming travelers of all kinds – from tranquil and composed bird watchers to extreme adventurers, Danao Adventure Park features the picturesque Wahig River, a wooded mountain range, an indigenous cultural community, self-sufficient organic farms, and cave complexes offering hours of caving. Popular activities include kayaking, wall climbing, hiking, camping, cave exploration, village tours, educational tours, and extreme challenges only within the park such as Ziplet, Skyride, Plunge, Suislide, Cliff Rappel and Root Climb.


  1. Davao


Very few places offer travelers the same level of deep emotions as the unique city of Davao. Nicknamed the eco-adventure capital of the Philippines, Davao City is home to the country’s highest peak and the noble and rare Philippine Eagle. Davao is absolutely cosmopolitan, being the third largest city in the country and a regional economic player in Southeast Asia. Again, only 7% of the total surface area of the city is urbanized, with about 50% classified as forest or timberland and 40% allocated by cutting-edge agriculture that has catapulted the city among the best producers and exporters of fruit and flowers in the world. Considered the cleanest, greenest, and safest city in the Philippines, Davao offers some of the most unique and memorable travel experiences in the world. From mountaineers to beach bums, from extreme sports enthusiasts to cultural historians, from artists to ecologists, tourists of all kinds flock to the city to experience its fascinating cultural and natural wonders. Its coasts are dotted with first class beaches and uninhabited islands, while exotic plants and animal species live in the fascinating topography of its interior.


  1. Donsol


Donsol pulls and enchants. For travelers who demand nothing but authentic and transformative experiences, the idyllic coastal city of Donsol in the center of the Philippines offers a unique setting for unforgettable encounters. Already in itself, the city has the attractions that make other destinations elsewhere a success among tourists from all over the world: the fascinating local culture, beautiful fine sandy beaches, lush forests, and incredibly rugged coastline. At least for most travelers, these attractions are enough reason to pack your bags, book accommodation and set off. But Donsol offers much more. If nature has a soul, then Donsol offers a rare window from which to see it in perfect clarity. Something in the city attracts two species of sensitive indicators that are disappearing in most of their old fields. There are only a few thousand whale sharks left in the world and most of them gather and have fun in Donsol’s waters. Meanwhile, as human development invades natural habitats, fireflies are also becoming a rare sight and very few young people remember seeing them. Fortunately, they are in surprising numbers along the course of the Donsol River. In Donsol, a few hours after sunrise, people can literally swim arm in arm with the delicate but colossal whale sharks. After sunset, however, when only the night sky offers a few glimmers of light, thousands of fireflies synchronize their bioluminescent abilities to add a spectacular surreal glow to the river landscape.


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