Top Five Tips For A Peaceful Trip.


Wanna go on a travel kick? Many people these days are romanticizing the idea of traveling, and no one talks about the downsides. Traveling is very stressful because things rarely go as smoothly as you might want them to. Who does not want to travel to different places and explore without the disadvantages of being physically and emotionally exhausted? Here are some little tips and tricks that you will wish you had known a long time ago that will make traveling pleasant and easy.

1. Packing

assorted-color apparels
Packing Tips.

Okay, I know that most of you do not want to talk about packing since it is the most boring part of traveling. I recommend packing complete outfits as this will save you from packing unnecessary items that you won’t wear during the trip. I swear it will make your life easier. This tip is more suitable for short trips.

If you are going on a longer trip, you can pack according to a color scheme (okay, you may think I am going crazy). Choosing a color scheme to pack will help you make more outfits, and once more, you’ll save space by not packing unnecessary items.

When you are packing your clothes in your suitcase, I suggest you roll your clothes, as this will allow you to fit ten times more clothes in your bag. If ever you are packing purses or shoes in your suitcase, fill every space. Put socks in your shoes and pack your purses with jewelry and other stuff. You need to use every empty space.

2. Utilize The Grocery Store

This is a life-changing tip. When you are traveling, eating can be difficult as you might be unfamiliar with the area. On the first day of every trip, go to the grocery stores and get a bunch of snacks (fruits, nuts, protein bars, and biscuits).

This will help you whenever you are hungry and do not know where to eat, or you have to wait sometime before the next meal. Additionally, this will help you to save as the cost of eating out every day of your trip will add up in short order. It will help you mix with the locals too, which will give you an exclusive experience.

3. Be Careful

Do not disturb | Quinn Dombrowski | Flickr
Do not disturb sign.

We all hear horror stories of our family members or friends who were victims of theft, and we should keep in mind that this can happen to us too. Be careful when you are letting people in your room, be it housekeeping or any hotel personnel.

Make sure that all your valuables are packed away. If you are going out and you do not have enough time to put everything away, place the little ‘do not disturb sign on the door to keep them away from your room.

4. Use Yelp

Yelp is a mobile application that communicates crowd-sourced reviews about a business using a one to five-star rating. There are a bunch of businesses, from restaurants to schools, available on the app. It will help you map the nearest business to your destinations and read their reviews to get the best experience.

You can even use it before your trip to prepare and avoid the stress of not knowing what to do or where to eat. When you are on vacation and in a new city, you do not want to go to KFC; I know everyone loves KFC, but you should try the local cuisine for a complete experience.

5. Read the reviews

If you are booking a villa or apartment with platforms like Airbnb, please read the reviews. You want to spend at least an hour reading reviews before you book your accommodation. Look for features you need, for example, an elevator or air conditioning. Do not rely solely on the pictures.

Whenever you find a potential accommodation, I would suggest that you do more research on the net and do not limit yourself to the specific platform where you found it.

These are the top five tips for a pleasant trip. Let us know in the comments if you have any more tips to share with us…

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