Typical Dishes of Croatian Cuisine You Should Try (Part One)

Tasting the local dishes of the places we travel to is always a great option, as we get to know them in a new way through taste. Today, we want you to join us on this gastronomic journey through a cuisine with Slavic, Hungarian and Turkish influences. It also has the peculiarity that each region has its own traditions and recipes of typical Croatian cuisine.

Are you interested in what to eat in Croatia? We hope so! Because if you feel like licking your fingers during your holiday in Croatia, here are the most typical Croatian dishes you should try.



This is a thin puff pastry rolled with fresh cheese and covered with a kind of sauce made of egg, vrhnje (a sour cream typical of this part of Europe and close to cream) and cheese. The whole thing is baked for half an hour and served hot.

This is a typical Croatian meal not to be missed! It also has a rather interesting history as it has been present on the Croatian table for many years. Strukli is typical of the Zagorje region in the north of the country and serves as a starter. And did you know that in 2007 it was recognized as an intangible cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia?


This food comes from the Muslim influence and is very typical of Sarajevo, but it is also easy to find in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It is a bakery product and in its original version it is a salted puff pastry with meat inside, although in Zagreb it is often prepared with fresh cheese. There are other variations with potatoes, meat or spinach, all equally delicious.


Stuffed cabbage rolls, or sarma, are part of traditional cuisine in many  Central European countries, including Croatia's. It's customary to serve it  for Christmas, weddings and New Year's and it's often made

Sarma is an excellent winter dish. It consists of meatballs and rice wrapped in a cabbage leaf and cooked for many hours. The final flavor is strong and can be spicy, depending on the cook’s taste and the spices used. It is served with the broth in which it was cooked, piping hot, to help combat the winter cold.


It could be summarized as cylindrical minced meat, but it is much more than that. This dish, which also comes from Bosnian cuisine, is spicy minced meat served with somun, a kind of spongy bread, and lots of onions. For those who want to serve it with a sauce, we recommend ajvar. This is a delicious sauce prepared with red peppers and aubergine, typical of Croatian cuisine.


One of the best of all, or at least the favorite of many foodies. Goulash, one of the typical Croatian dishes, is a stew of game and farmed meat simmered and usually served with gnocchi. The best of them have a spicy kick that rejuvenates.

This homemade preparation has a similar appearance to a meat stew. Goulash soup, which can be served with potato salad or bread, is typical of Central Europe. So much so that it is also found in the gastronomy of Slovakia or in the typical Hungarian cuisine.

Ispod Peke

Translated as “cooking under a lid” or “under the bell”, this is a typical Croatian savory dish not to be missed in your tasting. Ispod peke is a labour-intensive preparation, as the cook has to put the meat (octopus, lamb or beef) in a pot with a heavy bell-shaped lid for several hours.

Vegetables are also often added and the cooking is slow, usually in a wood-fired oven. This meal is completed with a portion of potatoes and has a fascinating result on the palate, as everything tastes so succulent. If you go to a restaurant, be sure to order this Croatian specialty.

All those dishes sound absolutely delightful aren’t they? Want to learn some more? Come back to check the second part of our article.

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