Visit Egypt In 10 Days

I remember being a child and dreaming about the pyramid of Giza, now you can accomplish your childhood dream. If you wanna experience 10 marvelous days in Egypt and fulfill your dreams keep on reading, we have bring forward a special route to make your stay memorable…


On this itinerary you will visit the Valley of the Kings, drift on the Nile River in a felucca, the Pyramids of Giza while sitting atop a camel, visits the spectacular temples at Abu Simbel, Karnak Temple in Luxor and the ancients pyramids in Dahshur and Saqqara.


Through this incredible itinerary you will be able to discover the amazing places and create unforgettable memories.


Day 1: Cairo


On your first day do not expect to see much. Most of the time airplane lands in the afternoon and by the time your get to your hotel, all you will want to do is get some rest.


Keep in mind that getting to your hotel can be very difficult as the traffic is always very dense in Cairo.




What’s better than starting and ending your day with a view of the pyramids… We proposing you one of the best hotels with the best view.


Marriott Mena House; you wil be thrill when you will see the pyramids from your room. You will have large options when it comes to breakfast, the next day as they provide a large buffet plus you will be able to enjoy your breakfast watching the pyramids.


Day 2: The Pyramids Of Giza And The Egyptian Museum


W have learned about the ancient Wonders of the World in school but did you know that the pyramids of Giza is among the only ones remaining till today?


Most people spend a maximum of two hours there, but I would recommend you spend at least three hours, as there are a lot to see. There is a lot of visitors around 10 so I would recommend you go there at 8, you will avoid the crowd and the heat.


When you finish visiting the pyramids, you will have time to visit the Egyptian museum, it contains the largest collection of artifacts, a lot of statues and treasures.


It will take you 30 min from the Giza Plateau to the Egyptian Museum. You will spend approximately 2 hours at the museum.


You can finish the day by having a little walk through the Tahrir Square to the Qasr- al-Nile Bridge. You can have a dinner with a view on top of the Cairo Tower (open from 9 am to midnight). Then you can come back to the Marriott Mena House.


Day 3: Dahshur, Memphis; Saqqara and Fly To Aswan


On day 3 you will leave Cairo for Dahshur and Saqqara that will allow you to see the oldest and best preserved pyramids in Egypt.


In Dahshur you will witness the oldest pyramids, they were constructed between 2613 and 2589 BC. They tried to build  smooth pyramid but unfortunately did not succeed but their second attempt namely the ‘red pyramid’ was a success.


Going inside the pyramid


The interior of Egypt’s ‘bent’ pyramid may be reached by traveling via a 256-foot tunnel that leads to two chambers deep within the monument. The 4,600-year-old edifice, which came after stepped-sided pyramids and before straight-sided pyramids like the Great Pyramid of Giza, played an important role in the evolution of pyramid construction. It is located near Dahshur, some 17 miles south of central Cairo, and was built for Sneferu, the founder of the Fourth Dynasty.




Ancient Egypt’s original capital was Memphis. The majority of the pyramids located around Cairo, which number in the hundreds, were erected during this time period when Memphis was Egypt’s and maybe the world’s most prominent city.




In Saqqara you will be able to visit the Step Pyramid of Djoser, and the oldest complete stone building complex in the world.


Fly To Aswan


From Saqqara it will take you 1.5 hours to go to Cairo International Airport. According to this itinerary you will spend three hours in Aswan.


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