Weird Things People Have Done While Traveling

The concept of vacation is to let go of our stress and trouble and to relax. However, there are many who like to make some silly poses, daredevil stunts, or some weird actions. So, let’s discover some of the odd behaviors that people did while traveling. 

#1. Walk Around Barefoot on a Rainy Day

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It seems like people who have done this have followed in the steps of our ancestors (like the great caveman family from “The Croods”) who have walked barefoot when traversing the world. Even though most people did it post for a photoshoot, this is generally not a good idea at all. Why? Well, besides from catching diseases, there is a high possibility to injure your feet due to some discarded trash or glass.

#2. Lie Down on the Edge of a Cliff

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Imagine a person with a striking red cloth is lying down on the contrasting grey cliffs and in the background, you can see a rising sun. Even though this seems like a professional quality picture, that person is actually endangering his or her life by such action. All it takes is a few inches further or one slip for them to go plummeting down into the deep valley and right in the mouth of death. So, unless you are some kind of superhero, it is not recommended to reproduce such action.

#3. Riding On Top Of a Moving Vehicle

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You will often notice people riding on top of moving vehicles in some places like the Middle East. They don’t really do it for thrills like car surfers in America, but mostly because of the lack of transport sometimes.

#4. Lick Frozen Snow

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It is often said by some that there are some things in nature that are too dirty to eat.

Now, even if frozen snow looks clean, it doesn’t mean you should just swallow it as there can be different kinds of microscopic germs on it.

#5. Stick One’s Feet up to the Window of an Airplane

Feet on a plane | Erica Cherup | Flickr

When you are stuck on a plane for a flight that will take several hours or even more, don’t you often feel the natural need to stretch your legs out so as they don’t cramp up?

However, there are some people with different ideas: taking out their bare feet to literally stick them up to the window of the plane. But, this kind of gesture is not only considered as rude and uncivilized but is also unsanitary.

#6. Talking On a Cell Phone While on a Carnival Ride

Carnival Ride Fair - Free photo on Pixabay

In Paris, on one of the swing-based carnival rides that allow you to have a stunning view of the area around from high up and which can give you an adrenaline-based thrill, one person who was talking on his phone was captured on camera. No matter how much important a phone call is, I think it is best not to answer it if you love your life.

#7. Walk On Top Of a Wall

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This is a common practice, especially among youngsters. With a killer smile and professional-like look, people often walk on top of walls to get an astonishing picture. But, honestly, endangering your life only to get a picture taken is simply ridiculous. As there is a high chance of falling by accident, this stunt is not recommended at all.

#8. Do Cartwheels on a Hill

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Cartwheels are indeed a universal activity representing playful innocence and happiness, whether you are a kid or an adult. However, doing cartwheels on a hill is a different matter and this makes us fear the safety of those who actually think of doing it.

#9. Wearing High Heels in Greece

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Did you know that in most historic sites in Greece, high heels have been banned, yes banned completely, so as to prevent unnecessary wear and tear of the ancient monuments?

However, there have been a lot of people who, maybe, cannot live without their deadly stilettos and actually wore these high heels on some historical grounds across Greece.



What do you think of these weird behaviors? Jot down in the comment section below what kind of weird behaviors you might have done while traveling.








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