Why Work in Tourism?

Why Work in Tourism?

Tourism is about sharing. It is for people who like to share their experiences with people. As a growing industry, it offers a wide range of careers and therefore requires versatility. It also allows you to have a varied career path. Working in tourism is a real adventure because each day is always full of surprises. Here are the details on this profession that allows you to showcase your skills.

 Working in tourism

Tourism is a thriving industry. One of the significant advantages of working in this field is its low unemployment rate. Also, no matter your education, getting a job is easy. However, it is always better to have specialties to apply for a position of responsibility.

By choosing the tourism sector, you will have the opportunity to travel a lot. You can visit cities that you have only seen in brochures. You will leave your comfort zone to experience culinary, linguistic, and cultural new things. Thus, your job will make you discover new realities.

Expanding your network will allow you to find new opportunities. Thanks to the tourism profession, you will meet new people. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to meet international people. You will have the chance to develop your skills not only on a linguistic level but also on a relational level.

Being a fast-growing sector, it is therefore very profitable. Indeed, tourism is one of the best-paid professions. You can expect an attractive salary even if you are applying for the first time in the field. However, as in any profession, the salary varies according to your experience and specialties.

The different types of jobs

Why Work in Tourism?

Do you want to go into tourism? You should know that the sector offers a wide range of jobs. It is, therefore, difficult to list them all. Nevertheless, it is possible to group them according to their main roles.

The conception which gathers:

Project managers, product managers, project managers, tourism marketing managers, research managers…

The sale which gathers:

Travel agents, ticket agents, sales representatives, sales and reservation managers, site managers…

The animations which gather:

The animators of tourism, the guides, the directors of parks, the managers of animation…

However, the hotel and restaurant professions are also classified in tourism.

The necessary qualities

Why Work in Tourism?

Fulfilling certain criteria is essential to evolve in the world of tourism. Indeed, the tourism sector requires great versatility. In addition to experience, certain qualities are also required. You must be able to make decisions and be autonomous. You must also be able to perform certain tasks. Those who work in tourism must have exceptional interpersonal skills. But also know how to work in a team and respect the hierarchy. As you will always be in contact with people, you must be helpful and have a good presentation.

The job also requires enthusiasm. Subject to frequent travel, you must be dynamic. Indeed, a person full of energy is more solicited. In addition, you must be curious. It is especially necessary if you want to become a destination expert. Therefore, you should always be informed about the latest trends in tourism. Continuous documentation is consequently recommended.

Which training to work in tourism

The tourism profession is especially related to sales, management, and marketing. Therefore, several training courses are possible. Thus, from the Bachelor’s degree to the Master’s degree, tourism is recruiting.

The Bachelor’s degree in tourism lasts three years. It suits those who want to work in travel agencies and tourist offices. The training concerns especially tourism management, sales, and tourism production.

Universities: even if no degree specializes in the tourism profession, some courses can help you enter the sector, such as geography, marketing, economics, and management. You can also turn to a professional degree.

However, for positions of responsibility, for example, a travel agency manager, baccalaureate + 5 is recommended.

There are also specialized schools that are accessible directly after the baccalaureate. The training courses last from 2 to 5 years.

Expected salaries

Salaries indeed depend on the company and the position held in tourism. However, a few figures can be mentioned based on the annual salary. For example, a director position can earn between 29,000 and 40,000 € per year. Guides’ salaries are around 20,500 € per year.

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