3 Must-Try Dishes of Bulgaria

We travel to get to know new places, to try new things, to taste flavors different from those we already know and to surprise our palate with exotic gastronomies from different countries, with different flavors that catch our attention. And, we are well aware of this. That’s why in today, we offer you an article about the typical food of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian food has a lot to offer us and life is too short not to enjoy its dishes. Do you dare to try all the flavors that Bulgarian gastronomy has to offer? Join us in this article so that you can start discovering them first.

Bulgarian Gastronomy

Bulgaria, home of the vampire’s tomb, mystical and hidden land, where traditions are the daily bread, where Turkish cuisine has been mixed for centuries with Greek and Arabic cuisine to develop flavors that were previously unknown. Bulgarian gastronomy is known for its abundant salads of products harvested on its own land, as well as for its hot and cold soups.

Bulgaria is also famous for its alcoholic beverages, wines, rakia, mastika and mint, all of which are exceptional flavors that accompany us dish after dish. Without a doubt, it is a blessed land with a considerable amount of traditional dishes to offer to the traveler, that’s why we decided to make this selection of the 3 must-try dishes of the typical Bulgarian food.

  1. Banitsa

Among the typical Bulgarian dishes, this is one of the dishes you can’t miss if you visit the charming destinations of Bulgaria. It is a particular style of bun, the base of which is an egg and pieces of mermaid, a special Bulgarian cheese. It is one of the foods that cannot be missed on the table during the Christmas Eve celebration.

You can enjoy this delicious dish both hot and cold, and each temperature will offer you a special way to enjoy it. In addition, you have the opportunity to try different varieties of the same dish. You can find it, for example, with spinach; but also a sweet version of this exquisite bun, which is usually called banitsa con leche.

It is perfect for breakfast, accompanied by a little yogurt, but also serves as a complement to more substantial meals. What you can’t miss is the urge to try this delicious dish, as it is one of the tastiest things Bulgarian food has to offer. Do you dare to try banitsa?

  1. Salata Shopska

Salata shopska is a world-famous salad and, of course, an essential part of the typical Bulgarian cuisine. It is interesting to note that it is not a dish that grew up with the Bulgarian tradition, but is, on the contrary, relatively recent. It was created in 1955 in a Black Sea resort located in Varna, called Druzhba, so if you want to try it, this area is probably the best place to do so.

What is it made of? Shoska salad is made of a base of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, as well as mermaid or feta cheese. Everything is cut into small squares and seasoned with olive oil and a touch of vinegar. Isn’t it delicious? Salata shopska is an ideal accompaniment to almost any meal, and you will easily find it on menus in Bulgaria.

  1. Kebapche

It looks like a hot dog, or a sausage, blood sausage or something like that. Kebapche is a dish made of minced meat with spices served in the form of sausage. Usually, for its preparation, pork is mixed with beef, although in some places you can get a kebapche prepared exclusively with pork.

A little rarer is to get it only with beef. In any case, it is not only meat, but it is the particularity of its preparation, and the way it is seasoned, that gives kebapche its essence. Black pepper, cumin and salt are usually the spices with which kebapche is marinated, but you can get it with other flavors depending on the regions of Bulgaria you visit. Something essential about this typical Bulgarian food? Neither fried nor baked, kebapche is grilled and can be accompanied by succulent french fries.

All this sound delicious, isn’t it? So we hope that you get to try them if you ever travel to Bulgaria. What’s your favorite traditional dish so far? Let us know in the comments below.


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