3 of the Most Delicious Dishes of Madagascar

The Republic of Madagascar is an island country that delights tourists and food lovers. In today’s article, we will show you the essential dishes of the typical cuisine of Madagascar. The island, which is the largest in Africa, has been the meeting point of many cultures, which has made its cuisine a unique blend of ingredients, cooking methods and culinary practices. Let’s get to know the gastronomy of this fantastic culture!

Introduction to the Malagasy Gastronomy

The arrival of the Arabs on the island in the year 1000 not only left traces of their religion in the northern part of the country, which mainly practices Islam, but also influenced its cuisine. Another important influence on the food of this country is that of the Indians, who created various Malagasy dishes cooked with sweet curry and ginger.

When the Europeans overcame the resistance of the island’s natives, the French colonized their land. This also left a French heritage in Malagasy food, especially in their French pastry desserts. We will see in this selection of typical dishes from Madagascar how even China has left a legacy in its culinary practices. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds through the reading!


We start this selection of typical dishes of Madagascar with a delicious and healthy soup called lasopy. The protagonists of this dish are vegetables and veal bones. Generally, vegetables like carrots, turnips and leeks are used. In addition to the flavor of these vegetables, we feel the flavor of tomato and beans cooked with black pepper.

Although not always present, potatoes can be found in this soup. The Malagasy prepare the vegetables and the bones separately so that the flavors are not lost. In the end, you will have a vegetable puree with a little beef flavor and seasoned with sakay. If you want to eat it in a more traditional way, make sure they serve the soup with a French baguette, crackers can be another option.


Among the typical foods of Madagascar, ravitoto is one of the most present dishes in the island’s diet. It is a pork stew with cassava leaves (also known as yuca or casabe) that is served with rice and, in some cases, a spicy tomato sauce. The flavor of the meat is most prominent, perhaps because it is seasoned and sautéed separately from the vegetables.

The piece of pork is sautéed in oil where the onion has been poached and the garlic added. When the meat has acquired all this flavor is when it is mixed with the vegetables. How do you know if you have been served a good traditional dish? First, the stew should be very hot, and second, it should be accompanied by rice to balance the concentrated flavor of the ravitoto.


This dish is not only typical, but also native to Madagascar. If you decide to try the romazava, be prepared for an explosion of spices in your mouth. Romazava is made with mafana brèdes, typical flowers of Madagascar that are very, very spicy. We assure you that the flavor of the yellow buds of this silver can only be tasted on the island, and if you like fire in your food, you surely won’t regret it.

In addition to the spicy, you will find beef seasoned with ginger and chili pepper of the Thai type; this meat is cooked with tomato and sometimes also with chard. This dish is traditionally accompanied by rice and the traditional rougail sauce (tomato, lemon and ginger).

Excited in tasting those dishes? If you ever travel to Madagascar, then don’t forget to try them. What’s your favorite culinary experience so far? Share if with us in the comments below.

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