The Most Famous Countries That Produce Tea

Tea is an age-old beverage that has never ceased to be consumed because of its wide-ranging health benefits, and it is prepared in one way or another in every culture. Around the world, there are lots of countries producing it and that’s exactly what we are going to uncover in today’s article! Enjoy!

China and India

The main tea producers are China and India, which account for more than 50% of the world’s production. India promotes a large production of black tea, while China produces a lot of green tea, which is the most consumed in the country.


It is followed by Vietnam which also produces green tea, but also black tea, white tea and the famous oolong tea. They also bet on very interesting blends like jasmine tea, flower tea is a very famous bet in the country.


Kenya is another great producer of tea, becoming one of the most important activities of the country. It exports a large amount of tea and ranks as another major tea producer, behind China and India.

Sri Lanka

Black tea is the most popular and the most exported. Among the major producers is the island of Sri Lanka, which exports black tea to countries such as Russia, Iran, the UK, Egypt and Japan, among others. There are also productions of white tea, but they do not reach the same level and the quantities exported are not as important.


Turkey is another of the countries that produces the most tea and is a large consumer, the largest consumer. The drink is integrated in their culture, creating their own cup for their consumption. In the past, Turkey was a big coffee producer, but they opted for tea because it was a much more affordable and cheap drink to produce.


Behind Turkey is Argentina, a country that produces a large amount of tea, but is also a large consumer. Currently, it is focusing on the production of iced tea, tea bags and loose tea to reach a more gourmet audience.


Japan focuses on the production of green tea, with a special production that is different from other producing countries. The leaves are processed in a different way, by steaming them. Finally, Indonesia is another important producer of black tea and very popular for its consumption with milk.


Which Countries Consume the Most Tea?


Tea is a beverage that continues to be very successful and is very much integrated in some cultures. Its consumption has also increased due to its healthy properties, the consumer understands that tea can have great benefits for the body. In recent years, loose tea has been growing steadily as it is considered a better quality tea than bagged or bottled tea. The consumer is increasing the demand for this format.


The countries with the highest tea consumption are: Turkey, United Kingdom and Ireland. Although many tend to believe that consumption is higher in China or Japan, the truth is that they do not have such a high consumption, even if it is generally believed. China, despite being one of the most populous countries in the world and the largest producer, does not consume it in such large quantities. The top 10 tea consuming countries are:

– Turkey

– Ireland

– United Kingdom

– Russia

– Morocco

– New Zealand

– Egypt

– Poland

– Japan

– Saudi Arabia

These countries are the main consumers of tea in the world and process a large quantity of tea.

Here you go! You now know more about tea and the different countries that produce it and the top ten countries consuming it in large quantities. How about you? What is your favorite tea? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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